November 20, 2008

Well That Was Weird

A woman just walked up to Safiyah as she was waiting for the bus downstairs and wanted to kiss her. Safiyah was shy and looked away and then she looked up to me and said "Ana 3aysa a bos-ha" Meaning I want to give her a kiss. I was like huh? She went ahead and put her arm around Safy and kissed her on the cheek. She took a few seconds, it seemed like she said something to her in her ear.

That's weird right?

The thing is she was walking in a different direction and changed direction to go to my daughter. She said "Rabina yekhaleyhalek" as she walked away, which means "May Allah keep her for you" It's a nice thing, but what the hell? Who does that? I know people here are different, but it still freaked me out. What could I have done though? I was in the balcony and it just happened. Even if I was there with her, I would have just told her she's shy and try to avoid it, but I don't think that would have deterred anyone. Weird right??


  1. Oh that's scary! I had a similar incident on the street here in Egypt--but it was a guy who looked mentally ill and pinched me in the butt then said something is a whisper--I always felt like he was a shaytan and maybe was trying to make magic or hassad on me. These days there are scary and dangerous people everywhere...plz take care!

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  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I don't like that either. We are just not used to it.
    -Omar Z

  3. Heloo.. nice blog..

  4. Dude, I walked into a store selling kitchen utensils and pots and whatnot and the salesgirl came up to me, hugged me, kissed me, said "inty gameela khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaless" and then pinched my cheeks.

    I had been in the store all of two seconds.

    True story.

    This country is kind of weird.

  5. That is weird! Keep a look out for that lady and ask her. I mean dont be shy, she is your daughter, we can ask anyone whatever we want. And ya, as QOD said, I would be afraid of magic or evil eye or something like that, when "weird" things happen, I dont know. Just take care, and say the Ruqyah in shaa Allah

  6. Extremely weird!!!! But hey maybe she had good intentions, who knows? Some poeple like children and always want to kiss them when they see one.... But you should also be careful!

  7. Extremely weird!!!! But hey maybe she had good intentions, who knows? Some poeple like children and always want to kiss them when they see one.... But you should also be careful!

  8. Weird!!! Inshallah she meant well!! Just keep an eye out to be sure!

  9. Queen, yikes, how scary...

    Omar, yea...Omar's my brother you guys.

    Zachatta ..thanks.

    Molly, Yea, they love you whities!

    UmmTravis, I will, jazakellahKhair.

    Hijabee, yea most probably but it still bugs.

    Muslimahh, I will definitely watch out.

    Thanks you guys.

  10. Assalam-alaikam,
    May Allah keep you and your kids under his protection. That would make me feel real uncomfortable too. I never know what to do in such situations either, when a stranger displays affection towards your child.

  11. assalaamulykum
    something similar happened to us recently; it is really scary. and yes, just read all the duas for protection and remind your kids not to talk to strangers!

  12. wow!!! I dont know what I would have done. Weird. Hopefully she meant well.

  13. I saw which building she came out of so that's something, but I will be careful, thanks everyone!

  14. Hi, just found your blog via The Egyptian's Wife. I have been in Cairo 4 years and have yet to have an outing when my kids weren't kissed, pinched or had their picture taken. Carrefour is the worst, we have NEVER made it out of there w/o someone snapping their fingers in my babies faces and holding up their camera phone for a pic. I think it's just that this country loves kids! I have 4 and they declare me a true Egyptian (I'm american)

  15. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Weird for sure and you should be carefeul,and if you ever see that woman ask her about her action.Maybe her explanation will help you to understand it better.But,it's weird.
    But...yeah I have a another but :) see it happened to me when I was a child that some people who would come from other republics of the former Yugoslavia (I come from Slovenia and things like this are weird by us as well :) ).They meant it as a blessing.Friends of my family told us so.I even remeber when I went with my perents on a trip to Serbia,that I thoght to myself :"Oh,who knows how many people will kiss me :)."Not to mention small gifts I got from people we met for the first time.Nice memories :)!
    I don't know,maybe it's just something that is common is some countries.

    Well,I send you a kiss on your chick :)!

  16. Hi Lydia, Nice to meet you, and welcome! I guess it's something you have to get used to. Part of what bothered me is that I wasn't right next to her I guess.

    Natasha, yea it's a cultural thing I suppose. ;)

  17. Salam alaikum. Yes strange, inshaallah she meant well! May Allah protect you and your family.

  18. Mona being the only Egyptian here I have to comment..that this happens all the time with cute kids....I had this happen with my youngest DD b/c she was a cute Egyptian standards that means the baby is fair skinned ....whenever we went into stores the salesgirls would gather around her car-seat & just play with her ...sometimes even hold her in their arms...I just kept a close eye...& it actually bothered me for another reason b/c her sister would feel left also happened to my sister she has a very Turkish looking 1 y old...masha Allah ...her DH nearly had a stroke"he's a firm believer of the evil eye" when they were shopping & one of the girls at the shop just snatched the baby from my sister's arm & yelled at the other girls to see the pretty baby & that this the kind of babies they should be having..LOL..

  19. Anne Marie, thank you.

    Umelbanat, its really sad how people favor fair kids, I mean how sad. I have heard moms say to right in front of their kids "oh this one's not pretty" OUCH....I do get that its cultural but it can get creepy.


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