November 17, 2008

Toy Nostalgia

I'm a nostalgic person by nature and I recently heard someone refer to an actress as a Fashion Plate. One thing came to mind...

OMG. remember Fashion Plates? I loved these. We didn't have them but my cousins did, Oh the fun we had putting together outfits and models!

LiteBrite was awesome. We'd draw or write something on it with the lights on and then turn off the lights for that TA DA effect!

My dad got me the Heart Family once and I loved them so much. My set had a little boy and a little girl, and the dad had real hair not like dumb old Ken.

Nothing puts a twinkle in a girl's eye like a shiny new barbie in that pink box! I would put her back in the box to "sleep" when done playing with her till eventually I decided she needed a hair cut. We once pretended Barbie was going to a Micheal Jackson concert and wrote MJ on her cheek and she was never the same.

I also had a case for barbie clothes and to hold Barbies. They don't sell the doll's clothes separately here for Barbies and similar dolls like "Fulla" etc.

What do you do when you can't afford a Cabbage Patch Kid? Pretend you don't like them anyway and make fun of them by buying Garbage Pail Kids. Yes those disgusting cards that came with the razor sharp slice of gum. Unfortunately there was a MonaLisa spoof one called Mona Loser. I hated that one.

Finally, the good old ViewMaster! I'd lie on my back staring through these till I had rectangles around my eyes.

Those 80's toys were so great. Sometimes I wish I go back and be a carefree kid for a while. I still play dolls with my girls though. What were your favorite toys as a kid?


  1. hahahhahaa @ the MJ comment!!!! that is AWESOME!!

  2. HAHAHHA! SubhanAllah! I remember that stuff - well most of it, specially garbage pail kids!! hahahahha why did we like that stuff LOOOOOL!

    That viewmaster I think is stiiiiiiiiillll popular - or is it just here? I love it!

    Ma shaa Allah! Is that your suff?

  3. MJ, ha MJ, ironic!

    UmmTravis...I WISH! just pics from the interwebs.

  4. Oh my! Bring back memoriesssssssssssssssssss! Oh my Gosh, thanks for reminding me of the viewmaster, I haven't seen one in yearssssssss. I used to love these, I remember one that would show the kaaba, and people in Mecca and I used to look at the pictures and dream that I was there :) I think I will always be a kid at heart, I still have all my stuffed animals with me :)

  5. Hijabee, we had that one too! I want to find it for my kids, inshaAllah.

  6. I had a Barbie phaze even though I was more of a sporty type. My favourite was, and still is my teddy bear. My daughter plays with her now (but not too much! haha).

  7. OHHHHHH I forgot how much I loved Fashion Plates. I looked at the picture and got goose bumps. So sad lol!!!

  8. Not sad, I'd totally play with it now if I had it!

  9. Oh, I remember all those things!LOL I had a barbie head that you could do the hair and make-up on that I loved too.

  10. Oh wow. Instant flashback for every toy. What fun memories! I wonder if Noah will look back at his Buzz Lightyear the same way?

  11. Fashion Plates!!! I loved those!! I don't remember if I had them, if my cousins had them, or if I had them as a hand-me-down from my cousins or my neighbor. Either way I remember those; I spent hours on them!

    The GP kids grossed me out but to be "cool" you had to like them. Weird story -- I remember going to the store for my first pack of them the day the Challenger space shuttle exploded. We used to go up to Kuchta's on Washington Road...

    Liked Lite Brite and the Viewfinder too but my favorite was Barbies. I also really liked Colorforms. I remember the Holly Hobbie General Store colorform set. I was obsessed.

  12. I love Viewmasters. I never really cared for Barbie. I think my mother bought us more craft sets than anything else. She would take us to Toys'r'us and in Eid and give us a price limit then let us loose.

  13. OMG I LOVE THE FASHION PLATES!! I remember i would sit in my room literally all evening after dinner and trace and color pictures over and over again lol
    The barbie dolls were the best. i still have all of them in a huge bookbag at my moms house. She told me never to get rid of them because they might be worth something one day.. you never know ;)
    The garbage pail kids were the best stickers i ever owned. I use to collect them in a drawer in my desk. Ironically i was thinking about them the other day, thanks so much for bringing back these memories. Even though im only 22 I feel like an old woman reminiscing in the past haha

  14. Fashion plates! LOL! Oh, I remember those like it was yesterday! What a riot to see those again.

    Now I feel OLD!

  15. UmmLayla we had the barbie head salon deal, garage sale find I'm sure, but it was fun to do her make up and it probably looked quite whoreish.

    Shawna, I was thinking the same thing...wonder which toys will stick out to my kids when they're older?

    Jannah, I'm coming over to your moms house and playing with all you're Barbie's mmkay?

    Dayna, I'd forgotten about Colorforms...Remember Shrinkadinks?

    Jessy my girls love craft stuff like bead sets and yarny things.

    Fairuza, Don't feel old...feel glad that toys of the 80's were so cool.

  16. It's like walking down the trail of the memory lane again! I always thought that the toys then were much cooler. :)

  17. Hajar, I agree completely! Some is better than all the techno stuff I say.

  18. Anonymous6:17 PM

    omgiiiiiiii them viewer thingies we brought a tone from saudi for the kids they show pictures of the kaba n masjid-e-nabawi

  19. Shrink a dinks!!!!! I loved those!!!!

    Also an Easy Bake oven. I had the Barbie Head too. Plus this thing from my cousin called the Bride Game.

  20. Anonymous9:08 PM

    i ENJOYED this post :)!thank you so much for reminding me of the nice years.we're the same generation,thus i know all of the toys :).
    you know what i did? not long ago i ordered myself a dvd collection of my favourite cartoon.yeah...sooo childish,but i wanted to have something to remember my the way,are these toys yours...or just pictures from the net?

    nice time to you and your family :)!

  21. Natasha I wish they were my toys, lol. Yea just pics off the net, glad you liked the post though.:)

  22. i remember fashion plates!!!
    and barbie... i was such a girls girl

  23. OMG I missed all the fun here .... well barbie was and still is famous all over the world .... though I don't know the other games here ...... and I did have one barbie too but for me when I was little I loved to be with my friends the most ..... I used to have a doctor set coz I wantd 2 b a doctor when I grew up and so when I got good grades in school that was my first gift from my parent's ..... and then when we grew up we used to play teacher - teacher ..... hmmm nice memory .... God! I too am a nostalgic person but I look into those cards that my friends gave me when we left high school and the my "Slam Book" with all the autographs and jokes .... that's all I've got as a reminder of school days .... and I also miss my doctor set too .... I think I too am still a child at heart I love playing with kids .... and I love playing games though my preferences have changed .... :)

  24. Ange, I bet you were.

    Ms. Unique, Half the time I'm with my brother or sister, we're talking about "remember when".:)

  25. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I don't remember what they were called but there were like reusable plastic stickers that you can put in a book to change the story and such. I loved that.

    Hosam, Kareem and I spend hours playing what we called 'room basketball'! A mini basketball hoop with Nerf like ball hung on the back of my bed room door. We had our own rules and everything like no blocking 3 point shots (behind the bed) cuz that was considered 'CHEAP'.

    We never got sick of it...Wouldn't mind playing a game now.

    -Omar Z.


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