November 19, 2008

Supermarket and Stuff

I went grocery shopping tonight at Metro and they have this great thing where for small delivery charge they'll take your shopping cart full of items and you can leave, then they'll deliver it to your house. It's good if you want to save a bit of time and save yourself from carrying heavy bags up 3 flights of stairs!

I saw pomegranate "rubies" ready in little containers but it looked cloudy, so I didn't get any.
I also saw actual Hershey's chocolate chips, but it was 22LE for a smallish bag, so it was a no go. They have a lot of imported products, like 25LE for a jar of Skippy peanut butter and 46LE for a bottle of Eggo pancake syrup. I went for Shoprite brand syrup for 20LE.

They didn't have the Raid liquid mosquito killing pluggy things though...I don't care I'm spraying Raid in my bed room a hour or so before I hit the sack, I can't have another night like last night.

Choco? Not Chocolate? It says 70% milk chocolate so I guess they can't write " Milk Chocolate m&m's" like it is in the states. They're 5LE now, but it's only a once in a while treat.

Look at the pretty colors!

So my Dad's coming to visit in a couple of days and it will be good to see him inshaAllah, it's been a while. The kid's are exited for his visit. I'm already thinking of what to cook him, and I need to clean the house. Hopefully we'll get to show him Hurghada a bit as well.

I gotta go put the laundry out on the line before it gets rank!


  1. I love chocolate treatsss! M&M's are my favourite with snickers and kitkats! Have fun cleaning :)

  2. Dad coming from where? :)

  3. Mmmmm, M&M's! I like the peanut butter ones the best!


    Look at all the pretty colors!

    Hehehe you crack me up

  5. I love dark chocolate most, especially with mint!

    My dad lives in the US, stays in Egypt a few months sometimes in Alex.

    Peanut butter ones? I never had them, just plain and peanut here. Are they like Reese's Pieces?

  6. Kind of but they're bigger and have more peanut butter. I think they're the same size as the peanut kind. They're soooooo good!

  7. muslimahh, SHUT UP!

    Just kidding!;)

  8. Oh I love the peanut butter m&m's. If you email me your address I will mail you some!

  9. Aw Khadra, thanks, but that's ok. Very sweet of you to offer though. :)

  10. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Peanut butter m&m's :)?I've never heard about it.Hm...maybe better so,other wise I'd probably have them once in a while :).Yeah,I also like m&m's ;)!
    It's so nice that your father comes to visit you =).Really nice!My father works on a ship,thus I don't see him for several months during a year.
    Kisses to my Hurghada girl!

    Allah bless you!

  11. Natasha, what's wrong with having them once in a while? Oh, you must really miss your dad...Thanks for all your kind comments.

  12. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Once in a while equals to once in a while more calories :)))!But,anyway!

  13. lollll i have never seen an adult woman looking at M&Ms and thinking, "Look at the pretty colors"!!!! Hahaa you must miss them sooo much!!
    If it makes you feel better, I had some today and they didn't taste as good as usual :/ I love the nut ones I guess.

  14. MJ Ha! Yea sometimes I'm in a peanut mood.


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