November 19, 2008


Mosquitoes kept me up all night!

How is it that a tiny, seemingly insignificant thing, weighing about 2.5 milligrams can ruin my entire nights sleep and the next day!? Yea, I googled that...I was searching for what mosquitoes' purposes was in the grand scheme of things. I found this:

What good do mosquitoes do?
Mosquitoes fill a variety of niches which nature provides. As such, placing a value on their existence is generally inappropriate. Although the fossil record is incomplete, they have been known from the Cretaceous Period (about 100 million years ago) in North America. Their adaptability has made them extraordinarily successful, with upwards of 2,700 species worldwide. (Source)

Whatever! Screw that, Yea, it's one of Allah's creatures but not in my house, please.

Ugh, I'd cover up with the blanket to protect myself and just peek out my face to breathe and I'll hear that zzzzzzzzzzzz... and before I know it, I get stung in the face. The weird thing is here in Hurghada, during the summer? Not a one. It's only when it starts to get cooler. I've tried checking the room for them first but they are fast sneaky little blood suckers. I hate spraying Raid or whatever. I'm going to buy those plug in things today. Safiyah woke up with a mosquito bite on her eyelid! Jerks.


  1. Salam Alaykom rahmatuAllah wa baraktuh, there's a proverb sis that says, "think something small can not make a difference? try spending time with a mosquito and you'll think again!" something to that effect.
    Is it like that a lot over there? I always imagined some sort of mosquito net, lol :) Or try some bug spray if you can. InshAllah after them keeping you up though you've already got a lot of ideas, lol sis. Hope you catch up on your sleep today though

  2. I hate mosquitoesssss! Just the noise they make grrrrrrrr these things can drive you crazy!!!! But I heard those things you plug in really work, you should try it!

  3. I don't think I've ever been bit in the face! That sucks big time! Inshallah the plug ins work!

  4. MJ, true proverb. It's not a problem most of the year..just the few winter months. In my sleeplessness I thought of putting light hijab over my face as a make shift mosquito net, but I kept thinking, I'll fall asleep any minute now.

    Hijabee, you and me both. Yea I hope they work.

    Muslimahh, Yea and it looks like I have zits then! It sucks, yea SUCKS BLOOOOOOD!

  5. You have to put a net up over ur bed lol I had the same problem in Syria. we lathered up with bug lotion and put a net over the bed lol Good luck! Oh, keep your windows closed too

  6. Jannah, yea but no one has the nets on their beds here. I'm closing the windows at night and using the plug in thingies. Thanks:)

  7. I @*$&*%&@(ing HATE mosquitoes. I hate this COUNTRY because of their mosquitoes. I never dealt with anything like this in Minnesota unless I was camping and the mosquito is the Minnesota state bird.

    I live near a bunch of diplomats who must have complained about the (most likely poisonous) mosquito spray they spray in every other part of Cairo but Maadi.

    Omg, I'm so gonna post about this.

    I hate mosquitoes.

  8. I feel you Molly!


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