November 6, 2008


GRRRR. I woke up this morning to an inbox full of comments, there were about 90, so I knew there was somthing wrong. Overnight I was spammed with 85 comments on 85 posts on my blog from some stupid site. It took me an hour and half of deleting comments and emails from these asshats. Half way through I clicked on their link and tried to find and email address to complain. No email, but they had this live help thing. It went like this.

Me: Stop Spamming my blog!
Customer Service: Hello, can I help you?
Me: Yes, you're site sent me 85 spam comments on my blog, Stop it!
Me: This is not how to do business, your site claims to be a professional company.
Customer Service: OK
Customer Service: Sorry
Me: Thank you.
Customer Service: Your Welcome
Well that was weird.

So should I use the word verification thing on commenting or take their word that they'll stop? I don't know how many blogs they do this to, so how do they know which mine is? I really don't want to have to go deleting forever again, what a nightmare!


  1. Wow! SubhanAllah! That is so strange.

  2. LOL! i thought this would be about actual spam for some reason, silly me >.<

  3. That's bizzaro--but it does happen. I would use the goofy wordy thing that is so annoying to commenters but hey--haha--what can u do?

  4. Yeah -- they're not going to stop. Even if they did, there are others out there doing the exact same thing. Comment moderation, word verification, and turning off comments on older posts are all steps you can take. Blogger has several options that are easy for you to do -- if I were you, I would put comment moderation on posts which are older than a week (or whatever you'd like) and allow only registered users. It's a little bit of a pain for commenters who don't have either a Google or OpenID account (although both are easy to obtain), but it prevents anonymous spammers. You also avoid having to use either word verification or moderation if those are options you'd really rather not use.

  5. Yea UmmTravis, I thought that convo was so strange.

    LOL MJ, nah, isn't it pork? No idea here.

    CW, thanks

    Bea, great advice! Thanks!

  6. Anonymous6:30 PM

    i love the pic of actuall pam it made me lol

  7. i started getitng spam too.. i also hate it and also hate spam in a can.

    dont put that word verification thing up.. omg i hate those things

  8. I hate spam!!! it´s good that you did something about it

  9. i hate spam, but i also hate word verifications grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I wonder how they got your blog' address

  10. 1) I hate word verification :(

    2) They probably won't stop. If anything, they now know you are human (and that your blog isn't abandoned) and therefore will spam more.

    3) Original SPAM is pork and ham, but a halal version using cow meat is available in some places.

  11. Thanks for the advice and commiserations everyone, also for the Spam still looks gross!

  12. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I think that person on that chat help line put you in your place! LOL Those things must be automated.
    -Omar Z

  13. Nu-uh Omar, I put them in THEIR place!


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