November 29, 2008

Recent Buys

I just got this shampoo, my friend used it and raved about it so, being the product queen that I am, I have to try it out. It's not clear in the picture but it's "Radiant Brown" It's supposed to boost shine for brown hair. I'll report back with a review after using it, inshaAllah. She actually raved about the whole new Sunsilk range. For those of you in the area, the one in the orange bottle for damaged hair, she said it made her hair softer from the first use, without conditioner! She also uses the one that brings out blonde highlights on her daughter and says it works. (Her daughter is 2)

My friend who sells Avon gave me this eyeliner. She got it free and already had it, so yay me. I tried it today. It's really dark black and it's the cool swivel tip kind that you don't have to sharpen. It hardly smudges and I'm always touching my eyes, so you know it's good.

I picked up this big silver bangle recently and I love it. It's easy, goes with most stuff and I wear more silver than gold anyway.

Little purchases like this make me happy. If that is wrong, I don't wanna be right!


  1. I've been wanting to try sunsilk, guess this is just the push I needed :)

  2. I have always liked Sunsilk haven't tried the new line yet though.

  3. Anonymous2:54 PM

    The ring you bought is very nice and so modern.You'll wear it a lot!
    Have a nice time :)!

  4. Anonymous3:12 PM

    cute bangle, and yes im like u, its the little things that surprise me are what make me happy! =) cute, cant wait till ur nxt posts.

  5. MJ let me know which one you try and how it is.

    Jessy, yea I find it's better than Pantene in general.

    Natasha, a bangle is actually a bracelet.

    Zeena, thank you!

  6. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Oh...sorry...but I still like it very much and I still think it's very modern!

    I wish you a nice week :)!

  7. I use SunSilk's volumizing line and I *love* it. Just the thing to use on my hair, which becomes ever more lifeless the longer it becomes (and right now it's much longer than usual). It even defeats the hair-crushing properties of a hijab worn all day. :)

    And I am a big Avon fan!

  8. Nathasha, thanks, you too.

    Bea, I think the line we have here might be different than what you have state side, but its all good stuff.


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