November 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • Why is it that I always get an itch just when I've finished polishing my nails?
  • I hate when people have spit in the corners of their mouth. Ew. You can't not look at it.
  • Big mug+vanilla tea bag+cinnamon tea bag+ regular Dilma tea bag+milk= SOOO good.
  • If you're kids don't know how to answer the phone correctly, don't have them constantly answer the phone. The correct reply for Salamulaikum is Alaikum Alsalam boy, not Who's calling?!
  • Why do I love the smell of citrus spray cleaner or citrus notes in perfumes but I hate the smell of people's hands after they eat oranges?
  • I'm still awake since last night, it's 9 am... the mosquitoes and now I just can't sleep...figures.
  • Last night I used this Moracan mud mask and as it dried it pulled my face in the weirdest ways and I had to look in the mirror... I laughed so hard I cracked the mask all over.
  • I'm gonna go try to get some sleep while the kids are at school and I still can.


  1. LOL @ #5, that's so strange!! hope you can catch some sleep! tha tea you love so much mightve been the culprit in keeping you up btw, just a thought

  2. the tea sounds yummy, Ima goin make some LOL

    I want to get a milk frother too, that would make it yummier

  3. Funny lol.I will try the tea! But yea I always get an itch when my hands are not usable...Go figure lol.

  4. Mmmm...that tea sounds so good!

  5. Just had the tea. Couldn't resist

  6. hope you get some rest!

  7. Thanks you guys, I did get to sleep this morning. I told you that tea was good. I need to buy more of the cinnamon one.

    I thought about the thing with the itch is when my hands are free I don't think about an itch, I just scratch it and that it. But if I cant cause I'm washing dishes or nails are wet, then I'm forced to think about it. Yes friends...I'm brilliant.


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