November 12, 2008


I can't stop watching this. Live streaming video of puppies! Right now 2 are wreslting and three are sleeping, occasionally looking at the wrestlers all annoyed. They are so cute! Now 4 are play fighting, and there's one more that just came in! This totally made my morning a happy one, check it out.

Seems the site is down?....Puppies COME BACK! Nevermind, they're BACK!


  1. i LOVE that. at first i thought it was a little creepy but now im in loooooove. who can resist puppies anyways?!

  2. omggg--that is so cute! they were all sleeping..except one "ghilas" little guy trying to climb on top of another--maybe he was cold ---oh how sweet!

  3. MJ, I love them too, I just want to scoop them up in my arms.

    CW, haha, yea I love when they sleep on top of each other in a pile of cuteness.

  4. Anonymous8:09 PM cute...:)


  5. I know! They're so cute it hurts.

  6. Sonali10:51 AM

    I have come to know that Dogs are not considered clean and so dogs are not encouraged.

    Is it ok with the puppies or are the puppies also considered to be dirty?

  7. Dogs/puppies are Allah's creation, We have dogs but they are outside dogs and they are well taken care of. We play with them and love them.


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