November 7, 2008


I love perfume and have quite a few favorites mostly gifts from cool people who love me! I tend to lean toward white flower scents and musks, also sweet scents.

My favorites, left to right, Escada Sentiment, Gucci Envy Me, Avon Pur Blanca, Avon Far Away, Body Shop White Musk Too, Cacharel Amor Amor, Lolita Lempicka (FAVE!), Lancome Tresor, Clinique Happy.

Chill out, haram police, I only use them at home. What are your favorite perfumes?


  1. Haram Police??? Is that actually a real perfume? lol the name sounds funny~Anyhow from your list, I love Lolita,Gucci & Escada.I also love Romance of Ralph Lauren & Air du temps of Nina Ricci. I love perfumes

  2. Lol Hijabe, I was saying to the "haram police" to chill. As in people that go on blogs and say HARAM! about things. Just clarifying that I use perfume at home and I'm not leaving men in the street falling in my wake right and left with my alluring scents.

  3. Oh how I lovvvve perfume. Expensive perfumes and Egyptian gold are my weaknesses in life!!! For warm months...anything Lancome, but especially Hypnose, Tresor and Poeme. Am dying to smell their newest there a place I can find Lancome in Egypt? Maybe Dandy Mall?--it's close to me. Lauren and Romance by Ralph Lauren and almost anything Estee Lauder. Her Beyond Paradise smells just like Egyptian flowers, and Beautful is well, beautiful! For winter I only use 2--Estee Lauder's Cinnabar and Cliniques Aromatics Elixer, but looking for a heavier scent to add some change to the winter smells. Think I'll go back to Yves St. Laurent's Paris--that's nice in winter time as well. Ohhhh now you got me started! I so want to go perfume shopping!

  4. Mona,

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I think my brain is off today lol. Thanks God its Friday!!!!! I can't beleive I actually thought Haram Police was a perfume!

  5. LOL @ Haram Police--might be a bestseller in Saudi! hehe

  6. LOLLLLLLL,I can't stop laughing since I realized my mistake

  7. I'm not a big perfume person because it messes with my allergies (I'm such a geek). Normally I wear just wear jasmine oil but I do have a couple of fave perfumes - Marc Jacobs Daisy (I bet you'd like this one!) and Vera Wang Princess.

  8. The first time I read it, I saw the same thing Muslimahh - but now, I dont know why when I read it again. So strange! Did you change it Mona? LOL

    I dont like perfume with alcohol much it smells weird. I like the arabian oils... and I like to put it in my bath, yummy.

  9. I mean hijabee

    sheesh, Im a real door knob today.

    In shaa Allah the arabic will be finished soon.. Woo hooooo partay!

  10. haram police, hehe you're too funny! i love lolita lempika as well. great smell!!! you've got such a nice collection.

  11. I have the Gucci one. love it ;)

  12. Umm travis,
    Yeh I think she changed it :)


  13. Hee, yea I edited to make it more clear, put it on the next line. No worries, It did kinda look like part of the list.

    Cairo Wife, I don't know the Tresor was a gift from a friend who got it at Duty Free in the airport, I don't know where else Lancome is found in Egypt though. I dream of Micheal Kors, such a great gardenia scent but I think its tres $$ and I've never seen it here. I stalk the perfume places here for imitations of it but they've never heard of it.

    Anyone know why I would get some comments in my inbox and some not? Its so odd.

  14. i'm in love with "pure poison" by dior for cold days and all nights and "un jardin sur le nil" by hermes for hot days!

    i usually stick with one perfume for long! i do enjoy having a smell signature.

  15. My favorite perfum right now is intimatley by beckham

    have a nice day!

  16. White Musk by The Body shop, it's my signature scent and I've been wearing it for almost a decade now and have no intention of changing it. I am sooo boring :-)

  17. I love Organza, Escada, and Gucci Rush..

    My mom always has on Gucci rush..

    Bas you know what? I totally prefer men's perfumes.. They are more attractive and bold keda..

    I love Hugo BOSS!!

  18. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I love all of these! But sadly, I've been out of almost half of them for a long time and not bothered buying any new ones.

    This post has inpired me to spend some moolah today, ha ha ha. :)

  19. OOOO Mona--I love gardenia! Have to check that out! And I love Vera Wang too! I really am up for some perfume shopping now!

  20. Leandra, I never thought of perfumes for cold/hot weather, but it makes sense.

    Cecelia, I've never smelled that, what's it like?

    Jessy, that's not boring, you know what you like and stick to it.

    Gjoe, I love gucci rush too.

    Missspecs, I have the opposite problem, I have too many and I have this weird complex where I'm scared to finish my favorite ones and they last forever, but I'm getting better at just spray spray spraying everyday.

    CW, yea Gardenia and Tuberose!

  21. I never get comments in my inbox anymore, they all go into my spam folder. I don't know what changed because that never used to happen. Kinda sucks!!!!

  22. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Omg LOOOL at haram police. SORRY, but hilarious!!

    Perfume you say? What I'm wearing right now is Hugo Boss 'Purple Passion' (more out of necessity than choice, I've emptied the rest 'my' perfumes and have moved onto the gifts!!)
    Umm.. other than that I love: Givenchy 'Irresistible', Dior 'Pure Poison', Alfred Sung 'Jewel', anything Lancome or Escada (especially So Magic and Magnetism), Burberry London, Gucci 'Envy Me' annnd CoCo Chanel!!!! YUMM

    I still have all my empty bottles so I was thinking of getting them 'fake filled' too but I really should splurge on some of the real deal. My current is almost out :( and I'm a perfume fein!!
    great picture btw ;)

  23. Muslimahh, that happened to me too, I figured I must have marked one spam by mistake but I clicked not spam on a bunch but it happened again, sometimes..weird. I have to keep checking my spam folder now.

    S&S I love Givenchy Irresistible and Burberry London too. I love perfume bottles, maybe that's why I never finish them, I just want them to continue to BE on my dresser.

  24. I love Tresor...but right now I'm into Chanel # 5 it's my signature scent at the moment...too bad we can't wear perfume all the time...

  25. Umelbanat, I know what you mean, I know that I wear it cause I like it, not to smell alluring to others but better to err on the side of safety.

  26. Assalam-alikam,
    I saw the Avon Far and Away bottles lid and thought ooh ooh ooh I know which one that is. I use to wear that around when I got engaged and my husband says he can still remember it (being so strong - ahem). But all of my relatives in Pakistan love this perfume and request it, so I stockpile the products in this range whenever they are on offer.

    I remember Body Shop White Musk too from when I was a teenager, its smeels lovely and sweet (like Far and Away) so was adored by all in my high school.

    I'm a Sun Moon and Stars by Karl Lagerfeld, Le Feu d Issey and Givenchy Truly Irresistable kind of girl myself.

    I'm also a fan of pretty perfume bottles, so I collect the miniatures which I get given as gifts by my sisters.

  27. Yea UmmSalihah , Far Away(I keep wanting to write Far and Away cause of that movie) is a really heady scent. It's amazing how scents can bring you back to a certain time.

  28. Anonymous4:07 AM

    LOL @ Haram Police! Burberry Weekend smells soo heavenly..makes you feel all happy and pretty haha! :)


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