November 22, 2008

On Cleaning.

So inspired by Molly's post I had a woman come help me clean the apartment. I did the bedrooms and she cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and mopped the floor. All for 20 LE. The whole place was clean in just a couple hours time. By myself it would have taken me all day. She did bring her daughter which was a bit of a problem with my kids and their toys, but all in all it was a great help and very much worth it.

Look how happy she is.

On the topic of cleaning, I have some jobs I really don't mind and other I despise. For example as much dust as there is here, I don't mind the act of dusting, it's easy and I particularly like polishing furniture to a shine. I use a mix of half lemon juice half vegetable oil and it cleans and shines wood really nicely.

Vacuuming? I love it. Nothing's done till the floor is clean. I just vacuum the area rugs, I found that vacuuming floors doesn't do as good a job as sweeping. I put a cotton pad, (the kind you use for your facial toner or astringent) doused with Victoria secret vanilla body spray in the on top of the exhaust filter and it makes such a nice scent while vacuuming.

I can't stand ironing, it's so tedious and tiring, I know some people love to iron, but I hate it. Also the possibility of ruining something is always there. I've scorched a few items before and it sucks when something like a nice scarf or pair of pants become trash because of a stupid mistake like the wrong setting.

Half way through writing this post I realized I'd written a similar one before like 3 1/2 years ago! Whatever, it's been a while and it's just similar in topic, not in content. Oh well. What are your favorite and least favorite chores?


  1. Well,i like it clean :)))!That's my topic!I'm a little obsessed with it.If you read my profile you know that I work as a part-time cleaner to mantain at my studies.It's a hard job,but I like it.Really,I can't explain the feeling I get when everything is clean and shiny.Most of all I like it when in the end I rearange a little the things and put some flowers on the kitchen table just for that extra feeling.
    Anyways,I don't like to iron very much :/!

  2. Does making the bed count as cleaning? I like that. :-)
    We don't own an iron because my husband wants his shirts really crisp and perfectly pressed (i got off the hook on that one) and I only buy mainly non iron clothes (I am lazy).

  3. I hate cleaning - especially the ironing too. I keep begging my husband to take the shirts to the laundry man who irons them for 1 Le each. But he says he likes to do it. Only problem - he doesnt have time! SO they build and build LOL

    After Ramadan he said also he would get me a maid to help out once a week - specially the windows. I never dust them (you know the sheesh) cuz I am so allergic. Plus I dont have to see it anyway LOL

  4. Loveee cleaning posts!! I've been thinking about hiring a maid once in awhile just to help out, but I'm not sure if I should do it weekly, bi-weekly, or what as of yet. My guess is it'll probably be more expensive here in the US as well through a cleaning service... Well anyway, I'm right with you on ironing! I loathe it so much my hubby always offers to do it for me masAllah. I also hate dishes (I live with my in-laws so I always feeled doomed after a large meal LOL) but masAllah he usually helps with those too. You've inspired me to go look into getting some hired help!!

  5. I don't scrub toilets, and according to my dad I don't change toilet paper when it needs to be replaced. I don't know how I will manage without a dishwasher because I hate washing dishes. If I live in Egypt, I am sending all my stuff to be ironed at the "makwagee" (they deliver too!)inshAllah.

    I don't mind organizing and dusting. I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to organization. Things can't be out of place. My desk is organized at all times. My clothes must be hung according to length and sleeve size.

    I told Mr. O I don't do toilets. We've agreed on the "no" maid stance, but I don't know how that will go if we actually move to Egypt for a while. Everything in Egypt gets dirty quicker due to pollution (which you shouldn't have a problem with much since you are away from the busy, dirty cities).

    I don't know. I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning.

  6. yay for a maid!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Natasha, I love the feeling of a clean place and everything shiney, just getting there is the hard part!

    Jessy, I like making the bed too! All things should be non wrinkle.

    UmmTravis, I know what you mean, Sometimes I'll spend 2 hours ironing everything then they run out then I'll have to iron each day, not sure which one is better.

    MJ..I think once a week is good. I hate dishes too, thankfully my 8 yr old Zayneb thinks its fun...sometimes but I have to double check her work.

    Organica, UGh I hate toilets. TP non changing is such a guy thing. I Can't sit in a room where it's all messy, that's why my living room is usually tidy, same with the desk. Things still get a lot of dust here...I suppose it might be less than Cairo but its way more than the US.

    Molly...I don't know why I don't like the word Maid!? I like to say Cleaning lady. Maid sounds like I'm living like Daddy Warbucks or something.

  8. OMG I hate cleaning. I like everything clean, just hate the cleaning part. Ironing???? that's the worst I buy clothes that I don't have to iron. Luckily my husband loves ironing and he irons his own shirts.

  9. I actually love to iron, until I get burned then I hate it. I love vacuuming too, its calming. But I hate to mop, I can't stand it and doing the dishes. I dont think my husband has washed a dish since we got married, so that makes me hate it even more.

  10. I like to do laundry, washing dishes while thinking is a little relaxing at times. Depending on my mood i dont mind cleaning up. I have a tip for you when you dust next time, depending on your shade of wood, take some tea, either light or strong and use it to "wax" your wood. Itll stain it a nice color =)

  11. Thanks everyone for your comments!


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