November 14, 2008

Make Up Faves

I love make up, I always have. There was a time I didn't like to go to the corner store without a full face of make up. Looking back now, I don't know why, but now I barely use any when going out but I do use it on a daily basis for myself to look nice for my husband.

Here are my current favorites.

Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara in Very Black. This is better than a lot of department store mascaras I have tried. It never clumps and it looks natural cause of the silicone brush.

Revlon Skinlights Glosslights in Topaz, it shows up a lot lighter than it looks in the tube and is very silky not sticky.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It looks really dark but it goes on this really great sheer ruby shade and you can intensify the color with more coats.

Revlon Skinlights in Golden Light. This gives your cheekbones that dewy light relecting look and it feels cool on the skin.

This trio came in a set together for brown eyes. It's called Trio for Browns. The eyeshadow set takes the guess work out of what color to put where. The lavender is for all over the lid, the brown for the crease and the light shade on the brow bone. With the purple liner and brown mascara this looks great. I love the liner because it's the swivel type not the pencil that you have to sharpen. The mascara is nice too because it's not clumpy and a natural color.

This Clinique lip set is great because it has 3 kinds of lip color in one compact. Colour Surge Lipstick in Rose Spectrum, Long Lasting Soft Shine Lipstick in Bamboo and Colour Surge Bare Brilliance Lipstick in Blushing Coral. The first one is the most glossy, and the long lasting one really stays on and its a pretty, light shade. I like the retracting brush too.

This Eye palette by Clinique is a great variety of colors one could use alone or together. It contains Colour Surge Eyeshadow Super Shimmer in Blue Lagoon, Colour Surge Eyeshadow Velvet in Buttermilk, and Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Cofee Shop. High Impact Mascara is a more Dramatic look for lashes in Black.


  1. Nice collection! Revlon Skinlights is great!! And I'm with you on the mascara! I always buy the cheap mascara...I love CG Lashblast.

  2. I love a good mascara that doesn't clump and look natural and I'm loving the covergirl I'm using now. I also love the color combination of the Trio for Browns. I'm not really great though with applying eye shawdow in layers, I always mess it up lol.

  3. Muslimahh, I had to throw out a lot of stuff that was way old and I found I never actually finish stuff. CG mascaras are the least likely to dry out in my experience.

    Hijabee, Hijabi, which CG mascara do you like? Ive seen the ad for the big orange one with Drew Barrymore and it looks good but I just like her! It actually is pretty easy to apply, It doesn't look "layered".

  4. Im such a make up dork. Im nnever sure when I have it right.

    I hardly ever wear anything more than gloss anymore. Sometimes I live it up and apply all of it, but mostly Im too lazy, and really makeup and a stained shirt from the kids kind of clash.

  5. Mona,
    I like the Waterproof CG LashBlast, and yes its the orange one! Be careful with the Waterproof though coz it's hard to get offf lol, . It stays on all day which is a good thing:)

  6. Hijabee, we use the same!! But I'm terrified of waterproof mascara!! lol!!!

  7. Muslimahh,
    You should be :) The only reason why I like waterproof is because my eyes water a lot, also I'm rubbing them all day lol

  8. Khadra! It clashes HA!

    Hijabee, I've never used waterproof. Makes sense though it your eyes water a lot.

    Muslimahh, I'm not terrified but just worried I'll hate it.

  9. Thanks for all the great recommendations! I love makeup too!!!

  10. Thanks for the comment and for visiting Susie!


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