November 12, 2008


I love looking at my Statcounter to see what keywords led people to my blog, sometimes they're funny, always interesting.

  • LADY'S LIPS MAMA BAG- Ha, I guess that led to the bag post.
  • + "warhammer gold- That stupid site that spammed me!
  • origami Ramadan Lanterns- I have posts about origami and posts on Ramadan, sorry no origami lanterns!
  • bad things about egypt- This person found what they were looking for.
  • friend points out faults- This post.
  • ummtravis-They were trying to find you Ummtravis, hope they did through me!
  • gabriel hurghada- Don't know about Gabriel.
  • mama mona- Exactly.
  • pics of fancy biscuits for eid- Fancy? Why thank you.
  • herebabes- Wha?


  1. Salam alikom can I get to my Statcounter ?

  2. hahahahahahahahhahahaha

    so funny :)

    I want to do that!

  3. umElbanat, Alaikumalsalam, you have to join and add it to your blogger, its easy.

    UmmTravis, I know, it's a fun easy post.

  4. I'm mama mona!! Whenever I'm at home I use my husband's computer so I google you!! lol!

  5. Muslimahh, Ha! isn't it easier to just type in

  6. You would think but I NEVER type in the actual address. I google everything! LOL!! I guess its just a habit or maybe I'm just crazy!

  7. Ha ha .... I know this happens with me tooo ....

  8. Muslimahh, ha!

    MsUnique, it's fun.

  9. mama mona- Exactly.

    I thought this was me, too! I guess we all google you instead of typing you in :)

  10. AED!! It's cool, glad you are reading me!


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