December 2, 2008

Eid Plans

So I was going to have a Eid party for the kids and some friends on the second or third day of Eid, but the guest list got too long for my apartment. My friend and I decided we'd put together party bags and take the kids out instead. Yea it might be crowded during Eid but not as crowded as it would be in my apt.

This will make it way easier on me. No decorating, baking, clean up and all of that and I feel kinda guilty that this makes me happy, but it will be for the better. Plus the kids will have more room to run around and play inshaAllah.

The important thing is the a good time is had by all and the kids feel that Eid is fun and important.

So what's everyone doing for Eid (iA)?


  1. Hey Mona,
    I found your blog thru my friend Sara's blog and I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures with your kids (who are all adorable!) and living in Egypt. I just have one quick question for you... What is Eid? Forgive this non-muslim, but i'm curious and I wish I could come to the party (especially since its cold here in Philadelphia and it sounds warm in Egypt!)!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm not sure yet of what we will be doing for Eid.I can't beleive it's next, time is running so fast these days.....

  3. Hi Regina, any friend of Sara's is friend of mine. Eid is our holiday, we have 2. One after Ramadan, the month of fasting is over, which is Eid el Fitr(feast)and the one next week which is Eid al Adha. (sacrifice) It's harder to explain but here's a short description..

    Hijabee, yea can you believe it's almost 2009!?

  4. At the moment, after days of prattling, we have finally settled for a family get-together. ^^

  5. Salaams sis, I enjoy your blog and your kids are the cutest!!!

  6. That sounds wonderful :)

    No feel guilty - you deserve it!

  7. Studying for exams

  8. I haven't really decided yet. I would like to do a party for the kids as well, but for the same reasons you mentioned, I not too excited about it.

    Also our kids will have off two weekends plus all next week, what am going to do with them all that time??? Oh, boy. MashAllah.

  9. Hajar, Hope your get together is nice.

    Inspired Muslimah, thanks. heading on over to your blog now...

    UmmTravis, thanks, yea I guess.

    Abid, that's boring but for the better.

    Nicole, yea we have a week off too but I'll be glad not to have to wake up early and not nag about homework and gogogo all day.

  10. i get that day off work. thats my plan so far

  11. I wish I could be there to play with your kids toooooo ..... lol ....... :) I knw sooooo childish ..... though v'll not be having any get together coz Ma & Pa r going for hajj ... but I'll b with my two lil buddies whom I'll b looking after since their mum (my good friend) is going 4 hajj too ..... hehe ... ;)

  12. Dont feel guilty. A stressed out mom isnt exactly going to make the holiday a good one for the kids. Do what is easier so you can all enjoy it!!

  13. No problem Regina.
    Thanks Khadra, you're right.


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