November 10, 2008

Beauty Loot And Randomness

Wasn't I just talking about perfumes? My husband brought me a new one on a business trip, MashaAllah. Gotta love Duty Free! Escada Incredible Me. Now that's a perfume with some confidence. I love the bottle so much. It's a great scent with some vanilla and sandalwood notes, two of my favorites.

Some random stuff:
  • Several days a go, hot oil splashed on my foot while cooking and while it doesn't hurt anymore, there's a red mark that looks like a heart.
  • I slept just 2 hours and I'm waiting for Safiyah to go to school so I can go back to bed sweet bed!
  • I might be baking bread with my neighbor today or tomorrow (hope it's tomorrow, I wanna sleeeeeep)
  • I'm exited cause UmmTravis might come visit me next week, InshaAllah!
Gotta go help the kid get ready...later!


  1. aww, masAllah what a sweet gift!

  2. insha allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol about the "heart-burn" hahaha

    but not funny u were hurt

    by the way - I added those stupid blog reactions to my blog and it says it is added, but its not showing up?!?!?!?! any trick or what?

  3. Anonymous1:07 PM

    oooh, love the perfume!
    Sorry to hear about the burn.

    Have fun with Umm travis!

  4. Love Duty-Free too :-) Enjoy your lovely gift

  5. Love Duty-Free too :-) Enjoy your lovely gift

  6. UmmTravis, I don't know...are you sure you saved the settings? I'm not sure I like the reactions feature, but I thought it could be good for people who don't want to comment but I also don't want to discourage comments.

    Thanks hfm! InshaAllah.

    Washi, thank you!

  7. Hey if you have to have a mark at least its a cute one! And I'm jealous you and Umm Travis are getting together!! :( Nobody lives around me!!

  8. Thanks Hijabee, alhamdulillah.

    Muslimahh, say inshaAllah! She lives 5 hours away so not really around me.

  9. Anonymous9:11 AM

    yay more perfume!! Haven't smelt it yet but looks amazing. That and Escada rocks my socks...

    enjoyyy!! And sorry about your 'heart-burn'

    LOL =P

  10. S&S, Thanks, the heart is getting lighter alhamdulillah.

  11. random fact: one of my nieces is name safiyah (spelled safiyye). so lovely!

    i love pj's, as per your other post.

    those girls are so cute mA!

  12. Shawna, I love the name so much, I have to do a post on name spellings.
    Yes Pj's are the best. Alhamdulillah.

  13. Yum, I love perfume. My current obsession is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I also like perfume that smells like food but I haven't found any that last very long.

    <3, Dayna

  14. Dayna, speaking of food scents, you reminded me of Vanilla Feilds! That takes me right back to 18 yrs old.


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