October 23, 2008

To Do Update...

I did the big craptastic storage area mess today. I started as soon as Safiyah got on the school bus and finished like 10 mins ago, 4 HOURS! My back is killing me. It's nothing pretty enough worth posting before and after pics but the stuff takes up half the space and it's organized alhamdulillah. I rearranged the furniture in that room so there's a big empty space now for playing. I also threw out 4 trash bags and found a few things that were lost. I actually found a couple of old thermoses my mom brought that ours when we were kids. They're vintage, man...Check it out.

Holly Hobby was a Hijabi!

I have no recollection of this show is or any of it's characters, but it's funny. Captain Kool and the Kongs?? OK I googeled it and apparently it wasn't a cartoon like I thought but a 70's singing variety type show and it looks CHEESY! I don't know if the kids will think these are as cool as I do but I could always use them for coffee or tea on a road trip.

I still have the clothes/closet stuff to do, hopefully I'll get it done tonight or tomorrow inshaAllah. This really is good motivation!


  1. That is sooooooooooo cool! I remember Holly Hobbie! Sort of. I remember having "stuff" of hers but actually I dont remember the cartoon, now that I think of it. LOL. I cant believe you still have that stuff....wooooooow!

  2. Wooowww, sure is vintageeee! Amazing how you've been able to save them for all these years!!!! Plus they look new :)

  3. Yeah I didn't want to post before and after pictures of my closet either! It doesn't look that great but I got all the crap out and everything that's in there now is organized!

  4. I love it! I had a Holly Hobbie comforter and sheets when I was little. I like the vintage one much better than the new one I have been seeing. As for the cleaning things out, good for you! I have been enjoying just shoving things in the basement in our new place and I know I will have to go through it all eventually, but I dread the whole organising thing!!!LOL

  5. Yea Guys, I just noticed the Holly Hobbie one said 1978 and the other one 1976!

    Muslimahh, yea not worthy of before and after, but its good to have it done. Huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

    UmmLayla, Basements are dangerous that way!


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