October 19, 2008

Thank You.

If you follow American politics, you know that a few days ago a crazy woman at the McCain rally said "I can't trust Obama . . . I have read about him and he's, uh . . . he's an Arab," McCain shook his head while removing the mic from said crazy lady's grip, and said. "No, ma'am," he said, Obama is a "decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues". When I saw that I had a little more respect for John McCain, he had just prior answered an other rally goer who was "scared of Obama" by saying that Barak Obama "is a decent person and not someone you have to be scared of as president." Something that most of his supporters are.

It's only when in all of the media coverage on this, no one said that there's nothing wrong with being Arab that I got annoyed. They just that McCain "corrected" the woman. It's just like Arab was the insult and it was never cleared up on all the news shows that while, yes Barack Obama is not an Arab, so what if he was? Being called an Arab has now become a slur.

I was thrilled when Jon Stewart, Aasif Mandvi and the Daily Show team did this bit.
Why yes, it is possible for an Arab to also be a decent family man! Check it out, funny stuff.

Ben Affleck also spoke out about it on Real Time with Bill Maher rather eloquently. (5mins 15secs in) He really got upset about it...
Edited to add his quote:
"I thought oh this is wonderful he's repudiating this kind of of intolerance and hatred, he said , no he's not an Arab, he's a good man...What if someone said, I heard he was a Jew... and I said, No no no he's not a Jew, he's alright!" "Arab and good person are not antithetical to one another"
"We've allowed this idea, denying the fact that Obama who yes is not an Arab, nor is he a Muslim, we've allowed that denial to turn into the acceptance of both of those things as a legitimate slur is really a problem." "Instead of standing up and saying these aren't slurs, these are categories of human beings, they're not slurs of people. No one in the media stood up and said that and instead they just follow around Joe the plumber" It's the same bullsh*t they do every f#$@ing day over and over again!"

Thank you.


  1. moron...
    ong i saw that on the news here.. she was searching for just any word and its so funny that arab came to mind. what a MOFO!!!!!!

  2. here's another media responder - i believe there was also something in the NY Times too ...


  3. Ange, yea, unfortunately she is not alone. Lots of people believe what she does, that he is GASP! Arab, that he is Muslim, even that he is the Anti-Christ!
    Mona! Hey how have you been? Thanks for the link and good on Campbell Brown for writing that.

  4. Assalaamu alaikum,

    OMG... what crazy ignorant comments these people make! Really great that Powell finally spoke out (re: the ref on my blog), alhamdu lillah.

  5. Its funny when I first heard what McCain said I was surprised he said something good and then I thought about it again and I was like...waaaaaaaiiiiit a second...that's not quite right! But I'd have to say I love Ben Affleck. And Matt Damon too...for what he said about Palin. They're such a good pair!! I really can't wait for this election to be over so I don't (inshallah!!!) have to listen to McCain anymore.

  6. UmmIbrahim, crazy and ignorant are the key words!
    Muslimahh, Yea I saw the Matt Damon one too. I too can't wait till lizard face is off my tv screen and it will really be a happy day when Obama wins, inshaAllah!


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