October 29, 2008

Retro Cute

Not so much.

Maybe it could be a little more glamorous in cute aprons like these.

I love them all. Click on the images to visit the shops that sell them. Knowing me I'd get them all dirty and it wouldn't be cute for long. Still they're so pretty.


  1. I love the one with pockets cuz I am always running around looking for stuff, and then there are the ones that are like mens' tool belts I'd love one of those and I'd hang the towel cuz I keep looking for towels to dry my hands.

  2. They're cute but I don't think I would ever wear an apron. Maybe if I got a cute one I would. Do you wear them?

  3. They're girly! Love them... But for the time I spend in the kitchen, I don't think I need one lol

  4. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I love the ruffly one with the pocket. I'd like a dress made out of the black and white material of the third one.

    <3, Dayna

    (Hi Mona! Found your blog through your Facebook profile. I love reading what you're up to.)

  5. i love the black and white one and that little frilly one :)

  6. hi..that was lovely. i always wear aprons, good sturdy ones, where i get to wipe off my messy hands once in a while. so would think twice to wear these lovely ones! :) first time at your blog, looks cool!

  7. Jess, yea pockets are good on everything!
    Muslimahh, yea but mines fug.
    Hijabee, I'm in there a couple hrs a day, wish I could find cute ones like that here.
    DAYNA! Thanks for reading!
    Zaenab, I found myself drawn to black and white.
    OnLooker, thanks for visiting and the compliment!

  8. Anonymous10:41 AM

    too cute 4 the kitchen i think..but its nice, and i think the one thats under the first one(black and white flowers and designs ) is really pretty it looks like a dress..:)
    anyways keep up the good work!!

  9. Anon, maybe just to wear during getting the table ready at a dinner party. Thanks!

  10. Why are we so afraid to wear pretty white things, I did that for years and Im done doing that, when my kids were little i was like omg they're gonna get chocolate on my white pants or something but life is just too short, live a little people! My friend recently made white slipcovers for her sofas and she just washes them and its delightful!

  11. You're right, white gets washed and it's all ok. Sometimes we don't feel we deserve nice things, and that's wrong.


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