October 11, 2008

Is it so wrong...

that this made me a little happy inside?
Newsweek has come under fire by Republican media consultant, Andrea Tantaros for their extreme close up, cropped cover of Sarah Palin. (Article) She described the picture as "mortifying."

"This cover is a clear slap in the face of Sarah Palin," she told US television. "Why? Because it's unretouched. It highlights every imperfection that every human being has. We're talking unwanted facial hair, pores, wrinkles."
Gee, Andrea, I don't think it's that bad, but I don't mind that it gets Republicans' panties in a bunch.

A media analyst for Condé Nast Portfolio magazine, Jeff Bercovici, also called Newsweek out on it.
"To me, the implicit message of the photo -- particularly in light of the critical cover essay by editor Jon Meacham -- seems obvious: Here's your beauty queen, your MILF, your "hottest governer fromt the coldest state". How do you like her now that you've seen her crows' feet, her clumpy mascara, her bloodshot eyes, her faint mustache, her cakey makeup, her gaping pores, etc?"
Hmm, I don't know Jeff. How is her hot factor at all relevant to the election? This isn't a beauty pageant. Is this how shallow society has become? Newsweek, emphasis on the word NEWS, isn't a fashion magazine. Should they have retouched or airbrushed Governor Palin for the cover? I don't think so. I'm sure they don't re-size Barack Obama's ears either.

Besides, I think the cover is symbolic. America really needs to take a closer look at Sarah Palin. She is woefully under qualified and it is ridiculous to the point of surrealism what a joke it would be to have her in the White House. I'm mailing my absentee voter ballot this week, inshaAllah. If you are an expat, please, do your part, vote and be heard.

(here's hoping!)


  1. As if anyone is going to look at the picture and say "OH CRAP, she has granny hairs poking out of her chin, that's IT! She just lost my vote!"


    Sadly though, the GOP knew that the ONLY iron-clad asset of Sarah Palins' was that "shayna punim" (pretty face) of hers.

    Guess Newsweek just busted up their smoke and mirrors.

    Seriously though, shouldn't we be more afraid of her MIND than her pores?

  2. To tell the truth, when I first saw it I didn't really see any of that. All I was thinking was how much this woman annoys me!
    It's pretty sad when even politics is taken over by the superficial. I really don't care what the leaders of my country look like, I just want to know that they won't screw it up.
    Gotta wonder peoples...

  3. Ha, Fairuza, exactly! Be afraid, be very afraid.

    Salimah, I know, I don't want a VP that's "folksy" or like everyone else. Or that winks at me!

    I just realized I'm gonna have to look at her on my page for a while now.

  4. Anonymous5:23 PM

    nonscence...ya3ni esh had? Your right! This isn't a beauty pageant. Is this how shallow society has become? haram wallahi..
    3an jad..majnooneen. just like Fairuza, she lost my vote..hehe

  5. Anon, nonsense it is, Thanks for commenting!

  6. Really, McCain was stupid for picking her in the first place. She's so obviously not qualified. The more I learn about her and hear her speak the funnier it becomes. Its a joke. And sorry, I CAN'T STAND her "down home" talk. It really annoys me. Not to mention her use of the word maverick. But as far as the picture...I don't know why this Andrea Tantaros made such a big deal about it. I didn't notice anything about the picture until you pointed it out. And I loved your comment "I'm sure they don't re-size Barack Obama's ears either.". Its so true! Okay, enough, enough, lol!

  7. Glad that you are voting!

    If you dont vote, you have no right to complain!

  8. I can't stand her either! She's no where near qualified to be vice president, I don't know how McCain could have even considered her, let alone picked her as his running mate...Bad choice. And she's so annoying, too. I will be so upset if she becomes VP.

  9. Oh God, Muslimahh, I hate to sound superficial, but yea I can't stand the way she speaks. I think it's a little unprofessional GOSH DARN IT!

    Thanks everyone for commenting, I pray we don't hear a thing about her after a month!

  10. See, I don't even think it looks bad! No matter how many republicans try to say this cover is symbolic of the media bias or whatever, she looks perfectly fine in this picture. Why retouch politicians? They aren't in the entertainment business or being paid to look good. The whole reaction of the republican party shows that they selected her because of the "hottie factor", which is totally disgusting.

  11. LaShea!! Thanks for commenting. That's what I'm saying!

  12. You know what really scares me? The fact that I am completely sure McCain/Palin will WIN!!! Because now that Bush made it OK to rig elections, even the mirage of it being a real democratic election has fallen by the wayside. On a lighter(?) note, I dont give America a snowball's chance of hell in surviving as a nation for even 50 more years. Historically speaking...we will have been a minor flash in the pan. This kind of nonsense simply cant last much longer.

  13. CairoWife, BITE YOUR TONGUE! I'm only half serious, ha...but I have hope!


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