October 24, 2008

Global Pink Hijab Day

Pink Hijab day is Wednesday, October 29, inshaAllah so get out your favorite pink scarf and rock it. Please get the word out so every hijabi you see that day is donning pink! It's a great way to show unity and solidarity. October is Breast Cancer awareness month and Pink Hijab Day supports that. To make a donation visit www.pinkhijabday.org. You can join the facebook event here.
"Muslim women across America and abroad will be observing "Global Pink Hijab Day" on Friday. This is a day intended to initiate dialogue and shatter stereotypes of Muslim women and their Islamic headscarves or Hijab, as well as raise breast cancer awareness."
I was curious about it and did a quick Google search and it turned out that the movement was started by a friend of my sister's in Columbia Mo. USA. I'm not sure if anyone here in Egypt knows about it but I have told a few people of the idea and they like it.


  1. Salaam! Thanks for spreading the word :D

    The initiative is active in Egypt - they're supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt http://www.bcfe.org/english/

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    i heard about it last year its jst so much fun we sell cupcakes with pink iceing on them 2 rais money

  3. Thanks Jana.

    Muneera, that's a great idea!


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