September 14, 2008

What is up....

Salam loyal readers. I am back. A week without the internet was all I could take but haven't had the chance to properly read all the blogs on my blog roll or post till now. We actually got back a couple of days ago, but Its just been hectic with unpacking and Ramadan in general it just seems like there aren't as many hours in the day. I must be doing something wrong. I always sleep after fajr and wake up in time for a few hours in the kitchen preparing iftar and dessert.

We made our regular trip to Carrefour while in Alex. We bought all the school necessities and everyone's pleased with their new backpacks and black shoes. It was really crowded in the school supply section, as if these were the last pens and pencils on the face of the earth. I had the 4 kids with me so it wasn't easy and I hate crowds with that many kids in tow. Thankfully Safiyah stayed in the shopping cart for the duration of our excursion and only asked to be taken out at the check out. By the time we were done it was 2 am (yes, the mall's still open!) and we had suhoor at the food court. Quite odd to eat pizza and ice cream for suhoor, but it was ok.

School starts in less than a week. I'm trying to get the kids back to sleeping normal hours. The whole time we were at my in laws they stayed up til fajr and slept till the afternoon. When do kids start to appreciate sleep? They'd never sleep if it were up to them.

We have a problem with ants in the apartment. I sprayed Raid before we went away but yesterday there were more. Lots more. Marching across the entire living room floor was a long line of those little black menaces. I had to empty a can of spray on them then clean the floor, it wasn't pretty. Sometimes I'll be in the kitchen washing dishes and I'll feel a pinch on the back of my neck and, there I find one of those little buggers! I put all the Ramadan-y stuff like nuts and dried fruit in a cooler to keep them away from it. I need a natural remedy, I HATE the smell of the spray and really don't want to have to call a professional.


  1. Assalaamu 'alaikum and Ramadan karim. I have a constant struggle with ants too. I never realized how many different kinds of them there were until I moved here, from huge ones to little bitty ones you can hardly see! I was told that they don't like vinegar, and my SIL wiped down her counters with a sponge with vinegar. Do you have "ruh khel" there? (that's super concentrated vinegar.) I use an old oral syringe to squirt the ruh khel into the cracks I see the ants coming out of, or some bleach. I won't say that I am winning the war, but it helps keep them at bay. The commercial ant powder is also good, sprinkled around the edges of the floors and the places where they enter the house, but that might not be safe if you've got little kids. Good luck!

  2. Salaam! Happy Ramadan. :) Good to hear from you again!

    Ugh! Ants! It's like once you have 'em you'll never STOP having them. They were a real problem at my old apartment.

    I've been told that they don't like mint, spearmint in particular. Maybe stuff leaves into the cracks where they come in? Like Alajnabiya said -- sometimes just keeping them at bay is all you can do.

  3. youre lucky.. i wanna go to egypt too

  4. Alajnabiya, I'll try the vinegar,thanks for the suggestion, it's easily available and natural,just like MINT, thanks Bea. It's disheartening to think I'll never be really rid of these guys but I'll take having them at bay.
    Ange, I'm going to assume it's the late mall hours that triggered that "you're lucky" and not the ants? lol!

  5. Yay! You're back! I missed you!! :)


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