September 20, 2008


Today the other 3 had their first day of school. The girls were more exited than Dawood. He has a few good friends that he sticks to. Zayneb's very social and couldn't wait to see her posse and Salwa missed her teacher. I told her she'd have a new teacher this year but she made a card for her KG teacher to give to her today.

E and I took this opportunity, our first day with all of them at school, to go get my beta2a (national ID). The process itself surprisingly, didn't take too long. I supposed that it's a Ramadan morning a lot of people are sleeping here, so it wasn't too crowded. We filled out the forms and when I was asked to write my name I wrote my first and last name in Arabic, in my best Arabic handwriting. Later the woman called me to put a few thumbprints on the paper work. I thought to myself, hmm...that's odd. Whatever.

So after a few different windows and signatures and stamps the last guy that gives us the paper that we need says I don't even have to take a new picture. As I was leaving he says as if speaking to a child, a child who's hard of hearing..."Madame Mona!..Inty Itwalaty fe Amreeka??" ( You were born in America??) I nodded yes and then he asked THE question. "Anhe ahsan, Amreeka walla Masr?" (Which is better..America or Egypt?) I just said "El etnen" (Both). When we got out E explained to me that I was supposed to write my full name with my father's grandfather's names and that's why I had to give my thumb print. They considered me illiterate! Everyone in that place was witness to the Lady from Amreeka that can't even write her own name! We laughed so hard when I put it together.

In Ant news, I haven't seen any since that last time I sprayed. Maybe they did decide to move. I wont declare victory yet, but we'll see.


  1. hahahah..ant news lol. which kid is which (in the picture)?

  2. Sorry to tell you this, but ants never leave, they just re-group. The kids look sweet in their uniforms, but do some of those shirts need to be ironed every day? I hate it when the schools make you iron. LOL at the finger printing.

    There is a game of tag going around, where you list some of the bloggers who you are wondering about. You are supposed to choose at least 5, but I went a bit overboard. You are one of the bloggers I have been wondering about.

    I hope you are having a wonderful Ramadan, inshaAllah.

  3. Your kids are beautiful mashallah! I'm so glad the ants are gone!!

  4. Umm Mohamme4:52 AM

    Masha'Allah, Beautiful children! Your son looks like a little man. May Allah protect them.

    Don't you know you're ALWAYS supposed to say Masr is better?! ...well, that's at least what I was told. :-)

  5. Left to right, Salwa, Safiyah, Zanyeb and Dawood.
    Thanks Muslimahh, I sure hope they're gone!
    Um Mohammed,JazakeAllahKhair. Lol, I know that's what they want to hear but I gotta be honest!


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