September 19, 2008

The ants go marching one by one...

I went to bed at 9 tonight and woke up all frantic that we'd missed suhoor, so I looked at my phone and it was still 12, alhamdullilah. I couldn't get back to sleep after and there's still some time before I have to get the kids up for suhoor so I figured I'd post. Today we were invited for iftar at a friends house so it was great to not even step into the kitchen today. We're having them over on Sunday so the meal planning wheels are turning in my head as we speak.

The ants have been a little more at bay with regular spraying and I put vinegar in various spots in the kitchen. Yesterday I sprayed a bit of Raid in the crack between the window and the wall where they were going and coming from. I swear they are so smart. One came walking along the path between the tiles and got a whiff of that Raid and did a 360. Each ant he met along the way, he'd stop for a second as if to say "Turn back, it's a trap!" and the other ants would follow back with him. So I followed their path to the door frame and sprayed there. Then they went back again and had a little meeting about what to do next I suppose. I left after that and they were gone later so I assumed they found a new route and I'll be seeing them again soon. As much as I hate these pests, I have a bit more respect for them after that. After all there's a surah about ants (Surah 27 (Al Naml)).


  1. I am glad that you and the ants are beginning to see eye to eye...Yeah, I can see why they earned their respect. We've learned to accept the Geckos here in Saudi and know that they will be among us. Maybe they will decide in their meeting to stay somewhere that doesnt bother you... lol, sorry, Your little animation of ants got me started...xoxox

  2. Those are some smart ants! We have lizards here too. Actually I freaked out the other day...I opened the sliding glass door and saw a tail stuck in the screen door. I guess whoever closed the screen last shut it on a lizard. It was dried up and gross. I felt bad! :(

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  4. Eman, You know I think they did decide that! We have gotten a few geckos. They are really fast and freak me out at first, but they're kinda cute. To look at. Not to keep!

    Aw, Muslimahh, Poor guy didn't know what hit him.

  5. I too am over-run with ants. Glad to know it's not just my house! hehe. I hate to kill those ingenious little buggers. I watched them the other day in the bathroom, greeting each other on their trips up and dont the wall. They kinda bumped noses on their way--subhannah Allah--amazing Allah's creatures! But I just dont want them in my food.

  6. Yea, Cairo Wife, when they get in the sugar it's the worst!


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