September 15, 2008


Update, kids are back, Safiyah is going to babyclass (preschool) tomorrow! As in the day after today! They said she's too young for KG1 (she'll be 4 next month)The preschool/KGer's started today but she'll go tomorrow. They said she'll get her books after eid. None of my other kids went to preschool so I don't know exactly what all they do, I assumed mostly play but there are books. I bet it's just preparatory stuff, inshaAllah. I'm glad she's going to preschool instead of KG 1, I don't think she's ready for it yet and I'd rather her get a chance to get acquaint with the idea of school and the structure, inshaAllah. AH! My little baby's going to school!


  1. Awww mashAllah. Do you get the choked up feeling when you see your youngest baby heading off to school? I'm sure it must be super quiet in your house now.

    Glad you're back honey!

    ps, just because I'm too lazy to go put a comment on the other post: ants are the WORST. I get two kinds, the tiny kitchen ants aka super sneaky sugar-seeking missiles; and the monster ants which seem to do nothing but wander aimlessly through rooms.

    Alhumdulillah I don't seem to have the problem that you do, but downstairs Uncle does, I'd say call a professional and just be done with it.

    I hate ants, but Ihate cockroaches even more.

  2. Yea, it's gonna be weird..the other kids don't start till Saturday so it won't be quiet till then, but it will be weird with just her gone for those few days.

    I have the super sneaky sugar seeking missiles, they suck, but I am thankfull they aren't the big brown monster kind or even cockroaches!

    Thanks Molly!


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