August 21, 2008

Stupidity PSA

Alright, after a couple of sunshine and rainbows posts, I gotta do this for the ying and the yang of it all. This is a public service announcement. We all make the occasional typos and that's ok, but some things are just common knowledge. I have been called a grammar nazi (as well as a volume nazi but that's another story), but I have no patience for stupidity.

Adults should know the difference between THERE, THEIR, and THEY'RE. People just use them interchangeably. I once IMed with a girl who kept writing ARE instead of OUR. It drove me mad. "They came over ARE house and blah blah blah ARE kids" YIKES! I kept finding ways to use OUR in a sentence to get her to figure it out but it was pointless. People like to use the fact that they're on the internet as an excuse. Like this isn't real life? It indicates you're ignorant when you write "OF COARSE"! One of the most irk worthy mispelled words is pregnate. It's pregnant! It also makes you look like a damn fool WhEn U tYp LyKe DiS. DaT aIn't rIgHt. You sound like a LOL Cat and it's moronic. Quit it. I also hate gratuitous use of "quotations". Everything reads "Sarcastic". I am talking about native speakers here, just to be clear. Do you have any spelling/grammar pet peeves?


  1. I LOVE it! Absolutely! I abhor the wrong usage of words and misspellings associated with the increasing use of the internet.

    Did you know, that a statistic shows that for the FIRST TIME EVER the generation of newly hired employees are LESS educated than the generation retiring? I think that just says an awful thing about how much we value education. I know I've been looked at strangely when I've used such words as plethora in conversation. Those SAT words are not just learned to pass a test!

  2. MONA! How are you?!

    Yea I read somewhere that kids have started using internet speak on school work. Unacceptable!!

  3. i don't really have a problem with texting or IM-ing words to make them shorter. i am guilty of this b/c i get charged for my texts so the shorter the better, but i MUST correct anyone who pronounces a word incorrectly. a friend pronounces the word mirror as MEER.....and don't get me started on my neices and their misuse of tenses

  4. Julaybeeba, I have no problem with shortening words for texts because there's a space issue. Tenses, yea, "I seen you at the mall yesterday" CRINGE!

  5. I don't mind the shrotening associated with texting or IM-ing words when you're actually texting or IM-ing. But when people SPEAK that way - and say things like "I was ROTFL" or "my BF", etc. Its just too much.

    If you think about acronyms that are commonly used for perhaps decades now, like RSVP or IHOP - you realize that most people understand what an RSVP/IHOP means, but probably couldn't tell you what it stands for.

    Internet-speak will probably turn into that in a few years - the younger generation with associate a rough "meaning" to these internet acronyms without really knowing what they stand for and you'll lose a great deal of English vocabulary.

    Our generation already uses a great deal less vocabulary words than generations prior. And if you think about wise words of the past (I think it may have been Malcolm X or one of his generation's writers/leaders) that his black community was limited in mind and thinking and creativity because of their limited vocabulary. Once he started learning new words, his mind's ability to think and create was much expanded.


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