August 28, 2008


Last night we went to pick up a few things. I am forever forgetting that I have a teapot on, sometimes till the water boils off completely! So I got this whistling teapot so that never happens again, InshaAllah.

We needed a new rug in the living room, the old one was worn out. We went last night and picked this one. I love that it's not the traditional flowery oval design and NO fringe. Carpet fringe is annoying and it always gets caught in the vacuum. Our new rug matches our furniture well. Not to mention those mangoes.

We also got a Ramadan lantern! The kids are enamored by this and just want to sit by it.


  1. Cool rug (and mangoes)!!

    Do you live in an apartment? How old are the kids?

  2. Yea, most people in Egypt live in apartments, unless you have a villa I guess. The kids are 10, 8, 6 and almost 4.

  3. Cute rug! From what I can see I love your house! And your teapot even matches!!

  4. Cute rug! From what I can see I love your house! And your teapot even matches!!

  5. Aw thanks Muslimahh, It's home.

  6. Umm Mohammed9:12 PM

    You have such american style furniture/decor (simple), I've never seen that in Egypt before. I love it! You're so right about fringe. I hate it, too.
    I got an electric tea kettle because I also used to forget about the water boiling. It shuts off automatically when the water has boiled.
    Love the fanoos! Wish we could find them here in the US :(

  7. UmmMohammed, thanks I can't stand the traditional Egyptian style which is SUPER fancy and GOLD everywhere. The guy who made it had different furniture catalogs and he'd copy the furniture. He really did a great job. The tables are copied from IKEA and the couches are copied from Ethan Allen, We went and picked out the upholstery. Alhamdullilah. I should get one of those kettles,so much easier.

    When my kids were little and we were still in the US we made paper lanterns for Ramadan. We still do sometimes.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  8. Anonymous10:12 PM

    "I should get one of those kettles,so much easier. "

    Trust me it's not. The same thing is gonna happen. The water will boil, kettle turns off. After 15 minutes you remember that you put the kettle on. You go there, and the water is cold by now. lol

  9. Anon- Yea, I can see that happening. They should make one that goes off saying "You wanted TEA didn't you!"

  10. Umm Mohammed3:30 PM

    Yeah, I could tell the tables looked IKEAish. I was wondering if one opened in Egypt. I have the same coffee table, with the extra surface underneath the top. That's helpful, isn't it?
    Yes, that does happen with the electric tea kettle. There's no easy solution, is there? lol

  11. Yea, Umm Mohammed, I love the extra space underneath! I WISH there was an IKEA here! I made sweet tea with my new teapot yesterday, and it sounds like an oncoming train, it freaked me out for a minute!


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