December 16, 2008


Any Lost fans out there? If you live under a rock, I'm talking about the hit abc drama. I am the biggest Lost fan, (some might say Lost FREAK) that I know. I have been hooked ever since I saw the pilot episode. You are always realizing new connections and figuring out story lines. It is the most intelligently written, wonderfully acted, adventure/mystery/action show ever. It leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat every time. I'm suffering withdrawals but I catch some reruns on tv. I watch the new episodes online at I'll be blogging about each episode on my other blog Lost in Lost, when season 5 starts in January. I've posted a few things so far. I've never been so into a show before but this is quality entertainment. Anyone watch Lost?


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    i don't follow Lost...sorry but do you read any book series? or watch the series of books?? like Twilight? ive heard of it but i ddnt read it yet. I also heard that the movie came out.. How bout Gossip Girl?, or anything? What TV shows do u like the most? Grey's Anatomy? etc..
    kk <3

  2. Jehan, Books like that are hard to find and very expensive here, but for TV, I guess besides Lost, I don't have many must see shows.

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN LUV WITH LOST I CANT MISS IT !!!

  4. Well I've heard alot about this LOST thing on the net, but never seen it coz no tv ...... is it decent?

  5. Yes, I LOVE Lost!! I can't wait for Jan. 21!!!!! I saw a sneak peek, it looks awesome! Do you visit Who's your favorite character? Mine is Sawyer and Ben. I hope Sawyer doesn't die. Do you think Jin is still alive or do you think he died? I think he's still alive, he was near the end of the ship when it exploded. I've also been watching since season 1, it's been the first 'must see' show for me.

  6. Anon, OMG! me too.

    Ms. Unique, it's very interesting and complex but you have to see it from the start.

    Melissa, Glad to know you watch as well... I have to check that site, haven't seen it. My favorite Characters are Desmond, I liked his story and hope we see him again. Also Sun and Sayid are favorites. I HOPE Jin makes it somehow...maybe he jumped from the boat and swam to safety..also what of the people on the raft like Daniel and the other castaways? Anyway Meet you on the other blog after the premier!

  7. Mona,

    I just recently saw an episode, and although I was a little 'lost' (hehe) it was great. I would love to go back and see the show from the beginning so that I could catch up. I don't know if I'll ever have the time to do that though!

  8. I used to watch it and was addicted also but now we dont have a tv. You say we can watch it online?! That's pretty cool!

  9. Anne Marie, It's worth it if you ever get the chance.

    UmmTravis, yea search or try I usually have to let the episode load on mute (minimized)to avoid skips then watch.


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