August 18, 2008

Life's little pleasures

Second post today, WOOT!

Watching Amelie made me think of the little things in life that make me happy. Natural highs I like to call them.
  • When you fall asleep for a second, that sweet moment, when you're trying to stay awake.
  • The smell when it rains. (few and far between here, now)
  • Finding something you forgot you lost.
  • Remembering something funny in public and trying to keep from laughing.
  • Finding a perfect shell.
  • Waking for a second and realizing there's time to sleep and falling immediately back to sleep.
  • Driving through the dessert where there are no other cars and the stars are so many and bright.
  • Feeling the sun on my face and closing my eyes.
  • The smell of a match burning.
  • When the sky is pink before sunset.
  • Getting in to bed with fresh sheets.
  • Petting a cat or a dog.
  • The feeling of rinsing conditioner out of my hair.
  • The smell of books.
  • The cool side of the pillow.
  • Getting an email from a friend.
  • Chocolate that is just the right temperature, out of the fridge for a bit so it melts in your mouth.
  • When the smell of something brings back vivid memories.
  • Remembering your dreams.
  • The feeling of cool ceramic tile on your bare feet.


  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Life's little pleasures are so many! Thanks for reminding us! Here are some more: The smell of a freshly opened coffee can, The feeling you get in the middle of a much needed cat nap, An unexpected hug from a loved one (especially your child), Walking in the sun letting it warm you after spending the whole day in frigid AC, the feeling of lip balm on chapped lips, being able to take off your shoes after a long day in socks and shoes, Crayons, crayons, and more crayons...the smell of crayola, Stacking paper in neat piles and tapping them on my desk, the sound and feeling of biting into a hard sweet apple or nectarine, Getting a phone call from a friend, the smell of johnsons baby shampoo, the smell of a newborn baby, the first bite of a new york style pizza when your really hungry, babies you dont even know smiling at you that make you smile....I have more but Ill stop now...Alhamdullillah, Allah blesses us each day with being able to just take a nice deep breath.:) Eman

  2. I love yours especially the stacks of paper and Johnson's shampoo too! Thanks Eman

  3. When you fall asleep with the baby in your arms.

  4. Hi Jessyz! I love that too. When they are like 6 months and they're not so small that you are afraid to squeeze them a bit, and they aren't too big that they want to climb down.

  5. I think I'm going to do a post like this today inshallah...if you don't mind of course!

  6. Not at all, Looking forward to it! :)

  7. Thanks! :) By the way...I've been going through your blog today and its great! :)

  8. Thanks Muslimahh, I like your blog too, just found it the other day!

  9. I'm glad you like it! And I'm glad you're reading it! Its boring...but hey, it makes ME happy! :)

  10. I just thought of a few more:

    New socks
    Tearing paper on the perforation
    That dizzy feeling you get from a good stretch.

  11. OMG!

    Seriously! I thought I was the only freak on earth who loves the smell of matches. And do you like the smell of candles right after they're blown out? MMmmmmm.

    I think we're twins.

  12. Molly I do love the candle smoke smell! Hey if I ever go to Cairo, we could meet up?

  13. Uh YES! If hurghada weren't so far away I'd be chilling at your house right now.

    When are you coming???

  14. Hey, Nothing planned, just asking you know, if I do go spend the day there sometime...InshaAllah. We could meet at a mall or something.


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