April 19, 2008

Egypt Hate/Love

My sister sent me this link 50 things I Hate & Love about Egypt from another Egyptian Blogger, it's a good list of a lot of the good and bad things about Egypt. We made this one a year ago, (Gosh it's been that long?)


  1. I was thinking of making a list of things I miss and don't miss of egypt, and things I will and won't miss of the US.

    Are you trying to remind yourself of why you should love egypt? How long has it been that you were back here babes? I think you might be overdue for a visit to the states to remember how much this place sucks on many levels.

  2. Molly, You should really write that post! I haven't been back to the US since coming almost 6 years ago. I realize I may be rememebering some things with rose colored glasses to a certain degree. I wish I could go for a visit, but sadly, alas it's quite a hefty chunk of change for a family of 6 round trip plus all of the shopping I'd have to do!

  3. Well I am in Germany since about 3 months now and I do miss some things about Egypt. No matter how many positive things I found here, there are some thing that can really be found nowhere but in Egypt!


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