March 29, 2008

This and That

I'm drawing a blank here on blog topics, so random stuff on my mind, list form post it is!

~Everyday while waiting for the kids' bus I see this dad walking his kid to school and the kid has to keep running a bit to catch up then falls behind and runs again and falls behind..the dad never looks back. Every day.
~How cool is this?
~This just struck me as funny...When went into a flower shop to get a bouquet for my MIL , there were 3 guys , cigs hanging out of their mouths in this green house type room, with looks of such apathy on their faces.
~Dilmah tea is the superior tea!
~How do you deal with a cranky kid taking forEVER to get ready in the morning and there's no time?? Seriously, I'm asking.
~I need to do some serious spring cleaning and I'm procrastinating again. Burst of energy and motivation...where are you?
~Like my new wallet? I never bought a red wallet before...I feel so...daring!


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    The wallet is lovely, I never bought a wallet of this kind before, I always use flat wallets like this or this


  2. It was my first too. The one I had for 7 years before was the long flat one.

  3. Morning slowpoke, and a mad one at that? I have one. My oldest son. UGH. The one thing that I have found works for him is getting him up earlier than I need to and letting him just take his sweet time. The only thing about that is I have to get my DD up too or he will know something is going on and just go back to bed!LOL So I let her use the extra time to make her lunch or something.

    The funny thing is I can sometimes get him up an hour early and STILL have that last get your shoes on and go to the car fight. Go figure.

  4. Yea, I know..I used to wake up at 530 for the bus that comes at 6 am then 5 am!


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