March 24, 2008


Alhamdullilah, our trip was nice. Damanhour was good, I wandered around there and shopped for bargains on Thursday. Friday was Mother's Day here and upon walking into City Centre, in Alex, I was handed a carnation and a very nicely worded card. I was impressed.Later I got a pretty silver ring from E and the kids.

At the pyramids, the tour guides really know what they're doing. They sweep you away on this long grueling tour so you'll be so tired, you ride their over priced horse drawn carriage and you'll be so thirsty you'll buy their ridiculously priced soda. Then brown nose the whole way to ensure a hefty tip. It was fun, but our horse was really gassy, the guy kept whipping him for it! I was like 3ady!

The Zoo was like a maze, the signs don't have any relavance to the actual locations of the animals and it was 110 degrees (in MARCH) We walked a lot. The kids had fun and had their faces painted.

City Stars was sureal, It felt like a nice mall in America, as I said most of the shops were fancy, expensive places but we had lunch in the food court, (Burger King!) and Spent some time at Spinney's, which has some good deals.


  1. MashAllah sounds nice. I can't believe there is a mall in Cairo now. Where is it located? Where could they fit it? Interesting.

  2. Nicole, Actually there are several malls in Cairo. I think City Stars is in the Heliopolis, Nasr city area... check it out

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Asalamu alikum,Alhumdulilah your home safe!!Now it's time to take a vacation after the vacation!I loved the pictures.Umasiya

  4. Thanks Umasiya!

  5. Yay!Glad to see your back and had a nice time!

  6. Thank you Miss =)

  7. That burger king was the one I gt food poisoning from!!!!

    I ate koshary in a hole in the wall in sayeda ayesha and I'm fine, but get food poisoning from an upscale bk in citystars.

    go figure.

    Alhumdulillah you had a good time. I miss egypt.

  8. Yikes, I guess we dodged a bullet there! Hope you make it here soon Molly.


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