February 10, 2008


The mood last night in Egypt was one of pure joy! Egypt just won the Africa Cup of Nations,(6th time!) and man, everyone is elated. The streets are crazy. We went out for a ride down the main road and it was madness. Good madness, but more than your everyday regular Egyptian madness. I'm talking people dancing on top of buses, in trunks and hanging out of windows, people igniting cans of bugspray and a great deal of honking. There was red, white and black everywhere you looked. I'm not a big soccer person, but it was truely wonderful to see so much pride in Egypt.


  1. gah!!!!!!!!!!111 I miss egypt!!!!

    I heard the riot via webcam. Of all the times to not be there with my family.


    Mabrooooooook ya masr!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope you come soon Molly!

  3. Maryam1:35 AM

    Oh ! Dint knew there was some match going on, I am absolutely not a game-person..... But good to know that, Guess that makes you a proud Egyptian .... ???

  4. Miss Muslimah2:04 AM

    I like your background-its very sweet:)

  5. Yes, it does Maryam!

    Thanks Miss Muslimah, I'm still working out the kinks. :)


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