February 26, 2008

Knitting anyone?

I finally got my hands on a pair of knitting needles and just re-learned (I sorta learned when I was like 12) how to knit from this site the other day.. It's fun but I'm still pretty bad at it. Any knitters reading? How do I avoid making it too tight, sometimes it's hard to put the needle because the stitch or whatever it's called is too tight. Check out my mistake riddled practice thing...

I hope I can get good enough to actually make something, but it'll be for next winter, I'm sure!


  1. Salamo 3likom
    I think that is a good site

    Learn more things , best Regards


  2. I too knit very tight...It's gotten better over the years. It has to do with the tension you are putting on the yarn. I always try to loosen up when knitting..it makes for a more enjoyable experience.


  3. I can't knit worth bunk. But I can crochet. I just get confused with all the counting. I can't multitask if it involves numbers.

  4. UmmHana, I'll try relaxing a bit, I'll bet it will be a lot easier inshaAllah.
    Molly, Wait...I'm supposed to count? or is that for crochet? Yea, the only way I can knit is if I'm watching tv or doing something else at the same time...can't wait to get so good it becomes mindless!

  5. I agree with the yarn tension thing. Just relax, and resist the urdge to pull the stitch when you make a new one. Also, you can cast onto a bigger needle and then your first row won't be too tight.

    Girl, I knit in front of TV because I don't heve to count!!! Lately I have been switching between knitting and crocheting. I am working on a crochet doll and a knitted tea cozy;)

  6. Maryam11:53 PM

    What a coincidence that even i learned knitting through the above stated site too, Isnt it a helpful and good site ??

    At the start the stiches are always tight, dont worry, it will fine as soon as you get accustomed to it, inshallah


  7. Thanks you guys for the tips! :)

  8. Anonymous8:42 PM

    That is really cool that you learned how to knit, i wish i can inshallah i will learn . All i ever learned was cross stitching which i forgot by now. any way i like the new wallpaper. By the way this is Mariam

  9. Thanks Mariam, You could learn, it's easy once you get the hang of it.

  10. Anonymous9:17 PM

    So interesting.... Its refreshing to see people still into knitting. I wish I ha interest in that. Me, I wanna learn how to paint and work with ceramics. Eman

  11. Eman, Pottery would be great to learn, but you need more equipment...maybe there's a class or something?

  12. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Thanks for the link.......I have been meaning to learn how to knit for years. I have always put it off...not anymore...Off to the craft store I go..lol

  13. Great! I hope you love it as much as I!

  14. i also learned how to knit when i was 12. last year i made a sweater for me and many scarfs for my friends.
    i do love to knit.
    i guess you already figured out how to knit less tight...

  15. Living away...I haven't yet, any tips would be great!

  16. janene5:48 AM

    believe it or not, you may be slipping in some purl stitches when you should be doing knit stitches; or knit stitches when you are supposed to be doing purl stitches

    if you mix them up a bit, it messes up the tension

    be mindful of which point of entry you undertake with your knitting needle when you are doing the knit side or the purl side

    you only have to be mindful until your fingers remember from habit (this will take a while so don't trust yourself or your fingers quite yet)

    let me know if this helps

  17. Thank you Janene, I'll pay attention to that.


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