February 4, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted. There's been some problems with internet in Egypt and we had impossibly slow service for a while. All is good now InshaAllah. I saw the new LOST which is thrilling. Anyone else a fan? I could go on and on about all the wonder that is LOST, but I wont. For now.

Blog search terms lately:

-A couple of my brother's name, hmm could be student's checking him out.
-Tons of variations on "How to make Origami Lucky Stars" from May of '05
-Also someone desperately wants to make an origami tiger.
-A few of my blogname, that's comforting, Someone wanted to find me.
-Damanhour Good Morning America" interesting...Damanhour is the city my inlaws live which we frequenlty visit. Wonder if the town was named on the morning show?
-"Custom Blog Designs" from the contest I posted about. Didn't win hence the same template that I'm growning tired of. A change is a-coming.
-"Egypt Ramen" Obviously someone was here and had a serious craving for noodles and had to find out if they were available here. I hope I helped!


  1. ASA, good to have you back;) I always glad to know that someone else looks at what searches are leading people to thier blog!LOL

  2. Anonymous9:41 PM

    hey mona asalamu alaikum, i like have withdrawal symptoms when you don't post for a while...lol. well we're finally moving allhamdulilah and subhanaAllah. but i think i haven't moved in long enough to not know what to do with the fridge and freezer contents. do i have to throw everything out, i don't know. it's only like 30 mins. away. any advice please. ok salaams , hala

  3. Yea, UmmLayla, Its really interesting!

    Hala, how I have missed you. Happy to know your reading it! I would clean out the fridge and put stuff back in but in small boxes and containers and leave it till the last minute then drive it on over to your new place where you will have the fridge plugged in earlier. I hope this helps and the new place is great. Take care and give H big kiss and hug for me!

  4. So glad your back!
    I would like to email you about something.If thats ok?

  5. Thank you Zainab...Please do..My email is on the side bar, Mom2dawood@yahoo.com.

  6. how do you find out the search info???

  7. Hey Molly, Register at sitemeter.com for a counter and you can track your visitors and see their locations, how they found you etc,it's easy!(no i don't work for them.)

  8. So glad to see you're back online! When I heard about the internet cut, I thought, "that means Mona won't be able to update!"

    I have much love for Sitemeter. It offers so much for free, masha'Allah. My favorite feature is the world map -- I love seeing where my visitors live and the map puts it all in perspective. :)

  9. Thanks for your posting, Mona.
    Have a good day

  10. Hi Bea, Thanks for thinking of me! Yea I'm always amazed at all the places my readers come from.

    Why, your welcome David.


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