January 2, 2008

Something wonderful happened today...

It was so cool.

Three days ago, after coming to terms that our beloved kitty, Mishmish had to go, E went to take him to a friends'. Well, just as E was getting in the car, Mishmish bolted and hid under our neighbor's car. E tried and tried to lure him out but he wasn't budging. Finally he came out and then jumped out of E's arms and ran. We looked around for him and tried to call him, but to no avail.
Then this morning Dawood & Zayneb were waiting for their bus at 6 am for a midyear exam, who do we see? None other than our Mishmish coming from the mosque across the street towards them! The kids were elated, as was I. I had tears in my eyes and was grinning from ear to ear!
The bus was late, but no one cared. Mishmish played with them and they fed him, they were so happy to see him again. It was like a sign not to worry, that he was OK. It's awesome that he's been hanging around our neighborhood. We took him to his new owner's house and said good bye.


  1. It happened again today! And he was there when they got back, under the car!

  2. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Very strange, you just let go of the cat instead of finding a new person to take care of it? sounds extremely cruel!

  3. Anonamous, I am going to assume you're not from Egypt. If you were, you would know that people here don't take in pets. Almost all the people I know here are scared of cats and have a different mentality towards pets in general. They can't see feeding and taking care of an animal when they just worry about feeding themselves in the first place. Mishmish was a street cat in the first place. The streets here are full of them and a pet shelter or something is unheard of. Different areas of the world have different ways.

  4. Anonymous9:39 PM

    hey it;s mariam,
    that's so cool that you found mishmish!this is the first time i see your blog and just wanna say that it's soooo cool. you rock at this blogging thing and your topics are very interesting to read, i read 'em when i'm bored.

  5. Hey Mariam, thanks for commenting!


Thanks for commenting!