January 14, 2008

huffin' and a puffin'

So, I saw this picture on a T-shirt at threadless, and immediately thought, Oh it's about motivation. Then I thought, we're supposed to laugh at the pathetic rhino. Then upon further pontification, I now think it could be about fat acceptance.

I want to tell that rhino that she's just as cute as the unicorn. Even if she doesn't have a svelte figure, long legs and flowing hair. Maybe a rhino is a rhino and a unicorn is a unicorn. The rhinocerous, how ever long she runs on that treadmill, will never be a unicorn. Thoughts?


  1. I need to borrow the picture for our diet blog :D

  2. Hey Mona,
    Cute picture but you are right Rhino over there prolly wont look like Unicorn but he will be the best looking Rhino HE can be. Remember that those are 2 entirely different animals let alone species...Humans are a lot more fortunate. We all have the ability and capability inside us to look and feel healthy...notice i said healthy, not slim. I think the key is to work from the inside out. I think it is very pessimistic to insinuate that "fat" people will always be fat and vice versa...thats like saying there is no hope, which is ludicrous. I am a firm believer in the power of the human spirit when it wants to achieve something. I mean, why is it that we can take impecable care of a car, or favorite item of jewelry or clothing, or even a room and yet not take care of our own bodies, something we have only one of that we will live in and use for the rest of our lives...logically it doesnt make sense. Why put toxins in your being? and yet we do it. Our bodies are given to us by God and each and every one of us had so much potential. I could go on and on but I'll spare u now...man i could have put this on my blog...lol love eman

  3. Organic...I'll have to check you out.

    Eman, Yea, I realise that Rhino's and Unicorns are different species, Unicorns are the mythical kind. Besides, it's a metaphor. I didn't mean fat people will always be fat, I meant that people have different body types.

  4. Yes, we do have different body types you are right. And we should all love our bodies whatever shape they are. I just felt like you were gonna tell the Rhino to stop wasting his time;(but i realize now that you were just telling him that you love him the way he is. Sorry I got carried away.

  5. Thats OK, I wish I had your outlook.


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