December 19, 2007

Happy EID

Hey, a quick salam and Eid Mubarak to you all before Eid prayer. There is a masjid across the street from me and the street is lined with prayer rugs. They've just began to Kabar. We're going out with some friends today inshaAllah and the Party is tomorrow. I just have to bake cookies and clean the apt. I hope you have a great eid and may Allah accept our good deeds inshaAllah!

December 12, 2007

Not Fair, Nor Lovely

There is an ad currently running for Fair & Lovely that infuriates me to no end. For those of you in the west, you may have never heard of this face cream manufactured by Unilever, targeted towards Middle Eastern and South East Asian women. It is touted as a fairness cream and their newest slogan is "Say yes to Life!" As in, "If you have brown skin, you have no life".

I wonder what a young girl with what is a normal skin tone for this region, brown skin, feels when these ads belittle anyone with a less than fair complexion. Other adverts depict young women interviewing for various jobs, being turned down for their dark skin tone. Then when they re-apply for the same position after using Fair & Lovely, they are praised and hired on the spot. Are you seething yet? They prey on the insecurities of young girls and women by blatantly mocking the model, who by the way is made tan with make-up and then is magically white and all is right with the world.

I know that the idea of fairness being lovely comes from the way that people of affluence were indoors, not working in the sun. Also part of it comes from the obsession people have with foreigners here. If someone has some Turkish blood, that makes them more European, therefore more white. I know some men specify they want a fair bride so they can breed fair children. It's revolting. On the other side of the spectrum, the west, America in particular, is obsessed with tanning and worship the sun, or tanning bed, or tanning spray.

What do you think about these creams? Ever tried them? Why do you think they sell so well here? Opinions, people, I want 'em.

(Note about the image above, It's obviously a book cover and models, Kiara Kabakuri and Amber Valetta are in a dual composite image which represents the disintegration of racial lines. I love Aucoin's books and thought this photo was appropriate here.)

December 11, 2007

EID's coming

It's on Wednesday the 19th, InshaAllah. I want to make it special for the kids InshaAllah. Hopefully we will go get new pj's and Eid clothes on Sunday, a tradition loved by all. I plan to go out one day while they're at school to get them each gift to surprise them with. Here's hoping Safiyah doesn't rat me out! My friends and I are planning a party too. I'm going to attempt making a paper mache pinata out of a balloon, wish me luck! Putting together party bags as well inshaAllah, those are always a hit.

This year, Salwa especially has been facinated by Christmas and Santa Clause and I want her to know Eid is our holiday and it's fun, InshaAllah.

December 9, 2007

Slogan me!

I got this from Alienbea!

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I love this one.

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This is a good one for the blog.

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I can't stop clicking sloganize!

December 3, 2007

Everybody Loves Ramen

I mean who doesn't? It's delicous, easy, fast, and cheap! I've eaten a lot of ramen noodles in my life and I never get sick of it. The brand found here in the mid-east is indo mie.

I never eat it with the broth, I always strain it and add the flavoring directly on to the noodles . I love the fried noodle flavor, it comes with seasoned oil, soy sauce, bumbo flavor and chilli powder but I put just a pinch of that cause I can't take spicy.

There's even Hello Kitty Ramen. Those of you who know me, know I love Hello Kitty anything.
Even though I don't do the cup-o-noodles cause then you're stuck with soup, I'd still buy this just for the "Free Sticker Inside!"

I eat my ramen straight, but if you like to mess with perfection and add stuff there's a hundred and one ways to eat it.
How do you eat your ramen?