January 25, 2007


I'm kinda hyper today. Drank 3 bowl-like mugs full of coffee. Alhamdullilah, one of the great things about Egypt, you can fix just about anything. The coffee machine we got from the US that had a blown fuse...Fixed! We also get torn backpacks sewn like new for like a pound. Shoe strap ripped? No problem! You can even have an electrician change an appliance to the correct voltage. It really is great. People don't have that "throw away" mentality that is prevalent in the US.

I might be the last person to know about this site but it's so cool! On Peekvid you can watch TV shows and movies without searching through Youtube for the available episodes/movies. I watched the 2 episodes of "Little Mosque on the Prarie", a new Canadian comedy show about a community of Muslims living in a small Canadian town. It's a little funny. Anyway, I love Peekvid 'cause now I can watch Ugly Betty!

January 22, 2007


Thankfully the virus seems to have been eliminated!
Took forever but the computer seems to be working fine now.

Hmm, what's new... We are on mid year break now till Feb 10, its going by too fast. Hope we get to go to Damanhour& Alex before school starts up again. My mom is here visiting, it's nice having her company.

Random Thoughts ahead:

Anyone know what makes your watch face get foggy? I don't wear it washing dishes or in the shower, just when I'm out so I don't get it.

My mom brought the kids some candy canes. (Gotta love clearanced holiday candy!) They brought back memories of me and my brother seeing who could get theirs' pointiest and stirring them in tea. Now my kid's are doing the pointy candy cane contest!

What do you all think of Hillary in 08? Obama? I like Obama cause he's young, fresh and honest, but I would love to see a woman president in office. Then again the US needs to get off the Bush/Clinton thing.

Who else thinks Martha Stewart, while very talented at what she does has bad people skills? It drives me mad! She always gets mad if the guest makes a small mess and asks inappropriate questions about money. Right??