December 3, 2007

Everybody Loves Ramen

I mean who doesn't? It's delicous, easy, fast, and cheap! I've eaten a lot of ramen noodles in my life and I never get sick of it. The brand found here in the mid-east is indo mie.

I never eat it with the broth, I always strain it and add the flavoring directly on to the noodles . I love the fried noodle flavor, it comes with seasoned oil, soy sauce, bumbo flavor and chilli powder but I put just a pinch of that cause I can't take spicy.

There's even Hello Kitty Ramen. Those of you who know me, know I love Hello Kitty anything.
Even though I don't do the cup-o-noodles cause then you're stuck with soup, I'd still buy this just for the "Free Sticker Inside!"

I eat my ramen straight, but if you like to mess with perfection and add stuff there's a hundred and one ways to eat it.
How do you eat your ramen?


  1. I like them to. I don't like the soup part either, but the noodles are just the bomb.

    I do like the ones in the cups better though. I drain as much of the water as I can and yum yum lol.

    In fact I think I will have one today. Thanks for the idea lol

  2. I saw a recipe tat requires a good bit of oil, but you basically fry up the cooked noodles to that they take the mold of the pan...nice little crispy ramen cake!

  3. I do the noodles just like you are describing!LOL I only use like 1/3 of the seasoning packet over the waterless noodles.

    I have a guilty thing about the kids eating them though because they are pretty much junk... But they like them too... So I have to eat them all stealth like when they aren't around!LOL

  4. Salaam Alaikum,

    Hello Kitty is the best. Although sometimes I debate which I like more, Miffy or Hello Kitty.

  5. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Ramen is like crack; it's cheap but every so often you just need some. In china I'd usually buy a drum of ramen, pour a little package of pickle in it, and chow down. SO GOOD.


  6. Odd, I didn't get email notifcation of these comments!

    CG, that sounds good!

    UmLayla, Yea I usually have them alone too!

    Safiya, Who is miffy?

    Dave, HA, crack!

    Do you guys break up the noodles, I break the brick in 4.

  7. Holla!8:01 PM

    Umm Ramen noodles??? YEah! LOL Who am i kidding I love the Ramen noodle community!

    I don't break mine up though and I like mine with little or no water.

    Try this, poor the hot water in the package (Cup Ramen) and let sit for 10 - 15mins this will get the noodles to absord all the water and get really thick and juicey!

    Trust me its to die for.

  8. Holla!- I didn't know there was a community, but I'm in. Next time I get a cup-o-noodles I'll try that. Thanks for visiting.

  9. wally1:29 PM

    I could live on ramen for the rest of my life! I don't really like the cups, their more expensive and aren't as big as the flat square packs. My favorite way to prepare my ramen is to cook the noodles, strain em, then add about an 8th stick of butter with the season pack. Or if its a cup with seasoning already in the noodle clump, turn the cup upside down and knock the powder into a bowl or cup.

  10. Wally, that sounds really good, Yea the cups are more $$ here too, just for a foam cup...


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