December 11, 2007

EID's coming

It's on Wednesday the 19th, InshaAllah. I want to make it special for the kids InshaAllah. Hopefully we will go get new pj's and Eid clothes on Sunday, a tradition loved by all. I plan to go out one day while they're at school to get them each gift to surprise them with. Here's hoping Safiyah doesn't rat me out! My friends and I are planning a party too. I'm going to attempt making a paper mache pinata out of a balloon, wish me luck! Putting together party bags as well inshaAllah, those are always a hit.

This year, Salwa especially has been facinated by Christmas and Santa Clause and I want her to know Eid is our holiday and it's fun, InshaAllah.


  1. Sounds great!
    I cant wait till my son(10 months) is old enough to be able to know what Eid is and able to celebrate it.
    Have a ball!

  2. Salaams :)

    I cannot WAIT for our baby to arrive, and to make Eid a beautiful experience for him. it will definitely enrich Eid for my husband and I.

    Thanks for the congrats!

  3. Absolutely, imuslimah...We have a tradition of new pj's the night before eid and of course new outfits for eid and the party. I can't wait for eid to be in the warmer months so we can have outdoor fun inshaAllah.


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