November 28, 2007

This Case is Rediculous

British teacher held in Sudan for calling teddy bear 'Mohammed' could be jailed for sedition

I am sorry, It has no basis. She had no ill intent. If she had any problems with Islam, or Sudan or anything why would she be living there, teaching their children? A student even said he suggested the name. It's a common name, she didn't name the teddy bear Prophet!

All this does is makes Muslims look more and more extreme.


  1. Salaam;

    I agree with you, totally! That poor woman should be released immediately and the idiots who put her in jail should, themselves, be stuck in prison and forced to study what Islam *really* teaches. It is beyond moronic.

  2. It's really a shame. Let's hope they get some sense and she goes home! What that poor woman must be going through.

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  4. I heard about this yesterday and to be honest I was rather embarrassed. muslims going to extremes over a teddy named muhammed!
    Everytime I turn around it seems like someone is doing or saying something in the name of islam and it makes us all look..crazy.
    This is sad.

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    its all over the main pages of news on the web including yahoo and google.

    I truly believe this is part of a propaganda to harm Islam's image,whether the woman is part of it or not, there are hidden hands that implement these kind of stories and spread them all over the world.

  6. Alhamdullilah Gillian has been pardoned. Still the damage is done.

  7. What about parents who give birth to rotten children and name them Mohamed...can they be punished? All joking aside, anyone go goes to work in Sudan must be doing it for love of the experience involved-religious, cultural...I'm sure sudanese schools will havea hard time finding good candidates after this.


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