November 6, 2007

Poor kitty

I cannot get Safiyah to leave Mishmish the heck alone. Am I to just let her terrorize him all day? Sometimes, he loves it, don't get me wrong. Plays with her forever, but sometimes he has enough and wants to take a nap. She will pull him out of under stuff! I've tried telling her that "kitty needs a nap now sweetie" but to no avail. I'm just worried she'll hurt him, accidently. Advice?


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    awww...that is the cutest picture ever. i don't know if mishmish is suffering or i guess you just have to keep reminding her that he's not a toy and needs rest or he'll get sick. good luck inshAllah:)
    salaam, hala

  2. I didn't realise you were still blogging!! You know, I saw something on TV about this the other day. Kids from a very young age do need to learn about how to properly handle animals so that the cat doesn't wind up being a spaz who hates kids or a dog doesn't end up being too high strong from too much stimulation. Do you involved your daughter in the care process? Maybe some responsibility for feeding and cleaning the litter box will help her. I do think that cats should get used to being handled at a very young age, so part of what she's doing is really for little mishmish.

  3. CG, I am concerned about that too, I mean the cat's gonna hate her, I just started to let her refill his water. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I think Saffiyah is trying to send a message to mommy (and Dad)....
    "may be it is tiem to get a lil bro/sis now!"

  5. Anon, that's funny....not really. Safiyah is my 4th "baby" and last, inshaAllah!


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