November 6, 2007

a steaming hot cup of bloggy goodness

My favorite mug.

I love that it's getting cooler, so I can stand to drink tea and coffee in the mornings. In the summer, it was out of the question, unless the AC was blasting enough to make me chilli. I either have 2 lipton teabags with 3 spoons of sugar and milk in this big honkin mug, or one lipton and one earl grey, or coffee. No matter what it is, Safiyah always wants the last sip left in the cup. I let her, no biggie. A lot of Egyptian people give their kids tea on a regular basis, which I don't find neccessary. Milk or hot chocolate will do. As if they need the caffine. I'd like something that will calm them down. Make them chamomille, or some sleepy time, man.


  1. Masha'Allah, *love* the cup, wish I could be there to take a morning cuppa right along with you!

  2. Maybe one day, Bea! :)


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