October 28, 2007

Back in the saddle again....


I've never ridden on a sadle but I missed blogging and now that the kids are back in school and ramadan is through, I have some free time to myself to post again. I revamped the template, what do you think? I love this floral design, thanks to Sharnee at Free Blogger Designs for the template. Today I'm 31 years old,(I have to change my about me!) I've stopped freaking out about getting older since 29. I mean, what's the alternative? Death. That's what. Today was great, E surprised me with the flowers and we went to Bulls for dinner, my favorite restaurant. All in all a great day!


  1. Salaam! You're back, yay!

    Love the new look -- supa-cute. :)

    Happy birthday! -- for a few months, you and I are the same age. :)

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Hey Mona,

    Good to see you back to bloggin in top form. Your not a bad writer and should consider writing professionally. Take care and keep it going.


    PS Love the cat masha Allah...tell him to be patient with Suf Suf.

  3. That means a lot coming from you, O. Thanks. Where ya been? I love how you spelled it "Ohms"!


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