October 29, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

What do you do about quibbling quarreling competing kids? They fight over certain couch cushions. They fight over the window seats in the car. Every thing is a competition. Who gets the special spoon at dinner. Who doesn't get the plate with a crack in it. This morning there was a nana-nana foo foo over who had more bubbles in their MILK! I know they're all vying for attention and each want to feel special, but when they start shoving each other, I have to step in. Sending each to different rooms/areas only postpones their bickering. Soon they're back to "She started it!" and "POWERPUFF GIRLS!" "NO YUGI OH!"

There are those precious times that they play nice, share and are "best friends" and I praise them for that.

I know my brother, sister and I fought. A lot. Over stupid things. But we get along great now, and that gives me hope that they won't be killing each other to answer the door when they're 30.

October 28, 2007

Back in the saddle again....


I've never ridden on a sadle but I missed blogging and now that the kids are back in school and ramadan is through, I have some free time to myself to post again. I revamped the template, what do you think? I love this floral design, thanks to Sharnee at Free Blogger Designs for the template. Today I'm 31 years old,(I have to change my about me!) I've stopped freaking out about getting older since 29. I mean, what's the alternative? Death. That's what. Today was great, E surprised me with the flowers and we went to Bulls for dinner, my favorite restaurant. All in all a great day!

How cute is this guy?



We took in a stray kitten, he's great! I wanted to name him tiger, but the kids and E all call him "mishmish" which is apricot in arabic. It suits him though.