February 6, 2007

International visits, search refrences

Today's a pretty good day so far. I actually got up earlier than I have been lately. 9 am. School starts up again Saturday so it'll be back to the 5:30 am alarm again, oh joy! Dawood's having a friend over today so I'll probably make fried chicken and fries later.

Been getting a wide variety of visitors, country-wise. Let's see...
US, Egypt, UAE, Saudi, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Italy, Switzerland Korea, Jordan, and Norway. I love it!

Some recent searches that led people here...

"laryngitis whisper"
"mombar big"
"blog + Living in Hurghada"
"oh yea"
"Lucy's Love shack"
"Little Mosque"
"Origami Stars"
"Clinton obama"
"mamamona at yahoo.com"
"lucky star"
"sometimes sobia"
"how to make lucky stars"

My fave is "oh yea". OH YEA!

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