February 9, 2007

Trip canceled & CLEAN YOUR ROOM!

So, the trip is canceled, and that's just fine.

I spent most of today trying to...lets say "encourage" the kids to clean up their room. This is an everyday thing, pretty much. They clean it up, a few hours later it looks like a tropical storm hit.
The only one who really values keeping her things neat is Zayneb but the others ruin it for her and she gets sucked in to the laziness sometimes.

To be fair, the little one, Safiyah does spill the box of blocks and walks away, and always sneaks and pulls things down from the others' shelf/headboard. If you catch her in the act she quickly throws whatever she has in her hands behind the shelf/headboard. We have to pull the bed away from the wall a few times a week to get stuff. There are at least 4 lip balms and caps collecting dust behind my bed. It's too heavy for me to move.

Anyway, how do I get them to keep their rooms neat? I already took out most of the toys they don't use into the balcony. They're all dust covered and sun-bleached now. There always seems to be bits of paper everywhere for Dawood has discovered the fine art of paper snowflakes. Not to mention the stuffed animal parade all over the floor. The lack of fitted sheets here makes bed making pretty tough, so I can't expect them to have that stay put all the time. I'm thinking of sewing elastic on the sheets myself. Did I just say that?

What do I do? They always seem proud and happy when it's all picked up, but it never lasts long. Advice?


  1. You're miles and miles ahead of me on the getting-them-to-pick-after-themselves front (guess what I get to spend my evenings doing...?), so I have nothing to say but masha'Allah. :)

    As for the sheets, I dunno. Sewing elastic seems like an awfully tedious task! Maybe something like this would work? sheet keepers

  2. Those are great. Confession... I have a set I had my mom bring from the US for my bed. Selfish? No, I had just the one set and I can't help one kid keep their sheets while the other kids' sheets are unkept! I'll have to get a hold of a few more sets next time my mom comes! BTW this site has some cheese-a-rific stuff for cheap! Thanks for the link.


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