February 1, 2007

Pretend I wrote a title for this post.

Hey people. What's up? I'm ok. I got bored today so I re-arranged the furniture in a sorta awkward way, but hey, It's a change.

Dawood draws me these great pictures all the time, at least one a day. They all have "I love you Mom" somewhere on them. He's great that way! Today I got a great picture of a rainbow over the ocean with a blue sky and a dolphin and clownfish jumping underneath it! It said "I love you Mom" in the clouds. Plus he made a fringe border with his scissors. Alhamdullilah!

There's a new Egyptian channel on the dish. Otv just started yesterday and I like it already. There are Egyptian talk shows, & cooking, American shows & movies and they even have the news in "3amy", Egyptian, not Fus-7ha Arabic. There site is still under construction, but I found this sort of critical article about it.

The thing that caught my attention was, at the press conference the owner Naguib Sawiris, talked about Egypt's faults, right off the bat, and said that the media influences changes in society and he mentioned the crazy traffic and trash in the street etc. I was like TAKBIR!!!


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Ah, yes, cherish and enjoy those moments when your child still overtly says I love you in print and through artwork...I mean really cherish them because there will inevidantly come a time when pre teen boys will feel akward expressing such affections and will not think mom is so cool...I miss those times...I even kept the messages in a scrap book to remind me that this is a phase and I am still loved. So far, preadolescence is the most difficult stage I have seen as a parent...Anyone have any thoughts...???

    PS. Go D...insha he will never change...but really cherish it...

    basha 2

  2. Anonymous11:29 AM

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