December 23, 2006

What's up people?

Eid is a week away, doesn't feel like it though. No plans as of yet, maybe a small kids party.

Mid year school vacation is coming up, just exams now, so I can say goodbye to the 5:30 alarm pretty soon!

I moved the fridge from the over crowded living room into the already tiny kitchen, but it's surprisingly better this way. Safiyah can't keep opening the fridge to stuff her face with halawa, and the living room is just a smidgen less cramped. We took the door off of the kitchen since we never close it anyway. It makes the kitchen a little bit roomier, and I just put the child gate on when I want to keep kids out.

Pay it Forward is on. I love this movie. Kevin Spacey is always great and Haley Joel Osment is tragically adorable in this role.

I made peanut butter oatmeal bars last night. They were so good! Even my neighbor who never heard of oatmeal raved!

Potty training Safiyah is getting really trying. You would think It would be easy after training the other 3. Not really. Each kid is different, I suppose but everyday I feel like giving up and putting a pampers on her. Today she took the liberty of getting up from her nap and taking of her soiled diaper, and smearing the contents on the wall. All before making a peep. Yea, that was gross. Thank God for Dettol.


  1. One day you'll look back and laugh about the new paint job. My nephew painted the entire bathroom with a HUGE jar of DETTOL would work there....lots and lots of hot sudsy water......KIDS!

  2. Ugh I'll take vaseline over poop anyday! Must of been slippery though, and moisturizing.

    Nope.....still not funny. I'll keep waiting on that...

  3. LOL....hey don't u just HATE Helen Hunt in Pay it Forward? It seems like she's suffering from one hell of a rash on her thighs in the movie...cuz she seems to be walking weird thru out the entire thing.....

  4. I'll have to check out her walk next time! The character was very real though, that hair, the tan and her clothes.I liked her in "As Good as it Gets" though.

  5. I really feel for you. I can imagine a lot of gagging and near-vomiting while you tried to clean up the mess.

    I have to the smell still there?


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