December 17, 2006

I have been really wanting a feline friend lately. I know that last time we had a cat, I couldn't breathe or whatever, but I really want a cat! Maybe it was just that cat? Am I being naive? Get your daily dose of cute at The daily kitten.


  1. I love cats....we've got a really friendly one that is always at my doorstep....I've started buying mackarel cans for it...LOL. I take a third of the mackarel...and stick 2 fino in it....LOL....1 can lasts 3 days.....I'm a nut!

  2. If a cat came to my door, I would have a cat, lol. So sweet of you to make her cat food. Sawab 4 you!

  3. I ran out of mackerel yesterday....and I had made chicken for I took all our bones and the chicken fat that we don't boiled it with a bit of water and then stuck the fino in it....opened the door at 6:30 am....and sure enough....she was waiting.....I let her in....she ate her fill and then started meowing at the door. She meows more than any cat I've ever known! Gotta go buy some mackerel! LOL!!


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