December 20, 2006

Blooog Patroooool!

I love BlogPatrol. It tells me I have visitors from the US, Canada,Egypt, Saudi, UAE, Qatar,Taiwan and Japan! ( I have a fascination with Japan/Tokyo since I saw a travel show about it. Tokyo seems so cool, clean, organized, modern and the home of HELLO KITTY!!) Blogpatrol also lets me know that people have found my blog by searching:

-are spicy foods bad for laryngitis
-breastfeeding and halawa
-how to make an origami lucky star
-mona blog egypt

Plus, visitors' browsers, screen resolution, operating system and IP addresses. By the way, why do they provide this info? Is it just to show they can? Why do I care if a visitor in the UAE is browsing with MS IE6 on their MAC and their screen resolution is 800x600? It's still cool though.


  1. I have the blog patrol and also got a site meter tells you about ALL ur visitors....whereas blogpatrol only tells u about the last 5. Those search engines are scary.....funny about the breastfeeding and halawa......

  2. I put in site meter last week and just realized all it could do, its so cool.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll have to put yours on my must-read list. :) (Drags icon to bookmark list...)

    I think the stats about reader's computers is for people who design websites -- they have to be compatible across the board, so it helps to know what kind of computers, browsers, and resolutions visit the site.

  4. Lucky you.

    I usually get people with weird sex-related searches coming to my blog though it is strictly a political blog.

    Go figure!

  5. That's odd! and funny.


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